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=== Appearances ===
=== Appearances ===
*[[The Train Job|"The Train Job"]]
**"[[The Train Job]]"
*[[War Stories|"War Stories"]]
**"[[War Stories]]"
[[Category:Recurring characters]]
[[Category:Recurring characters]]

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Adelai Niska is one of the more dangerous enemies of Malcolm Reynolds and his crew. He is the leader of a criminal syndicate that deals in murder, extortion, robbery, drug dealing, and who knows what else.

Niska is an old man, grandfatherly in appearance, with an indeterminate Eastern European accent; he has an antique Tiffany lamp on his desk (which is worth a fortune if an authentic relic of Earth-That-Was.

He had a henchman named Crow once. Once.

His center of business seems to be a satellite known as Skyplex, in orbit around the world of Ezra.

In the episode War Stories, he captures and tortures Mal and Wash; the rest of the crew invades the Skyplex and kills many of Niska's top people in the process of rescuing their comrades.


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