Allinace Patrol boat
General Plans and Schematics

140,000 credits

Maintenance costs

10,560 credits per year

Ship length

340 feet

Ship width

155 feet

Ship height

45 feet

Maximum weight

3,955 tons

Cargo capacity

20 tons

Fuel capacity

200 tons (1,200 hours)

Crew capacity

4 officers, 12 space hands

Passenger capacity


  • One 20 pound cannon
    • 160-round magazine
  • Two 1 pound autocannon
    • 2000-round magazine each
  • Ten 10 pound short-range missiles with decoy or jammer warheads
  • Eight 100 pound short-range missiles
Carried vessels
Other equipment

Infirmary with four beds

The Alliance Patrol Boat could be found anywhere in The Verse, serving as a public reminder of the Union of Allied Planets and its enforcement arm, though they were most often encountered among the Central planets.


These vessels were also used by the Independent Planets, being one of the few ships they had at the outbreak of the Unification War, but those captured intact were returned to Alliance service.[1]

Alliance Patrol Boats are tasked with performing a myriad of duties, including customs enforcement, search and rescue, and anti-smuggling patrols. However a few have managed to find their way into the hands of private buyers.[1]


Dropping down to just twice the size of a Firefly, we have the Alliance Patrol Boat, found on pg. 125 of the Serenity RPG and carrying 2 shuttles and 2 ASREVs and armed with a single 20 pound cannon and 8 short-range 100 pound missiles. It also has defensive weapons, but it's not much faster than a Firefly and an Alliance Short Range Enforcement Vessel carries 16,000 pounds of missiles compared to the Patrol Boat's 4,000 pounds (short-range 100 pound missiles weigh 500 pounds). The Patrol Boat is "the work horse of the Alliance enforcement arm", and it looks like it's support craft are really it's primary threat, much like the gargantuan Tohoku-class cruiser and Crete-class Carrier (both of which have only defensive weapons).


Notes and referencesEdit

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