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Ambulance outside the MEDI-VAC pad of Ariel City's hospital.

An ambulance ship is a vehicle for transporting sick or injured people. Serenity's crew salvaged one of these vehicles from a junkyard.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The only vehicle of this type featured to date in the television series in the episode "Ariel" is based on the Mil Mi-24 "Hind" Russian helicopter.
  • The full-size ambulance ship prop was originally a mockup Puma owned by Air Hollywood, modified to look like the Mi-24, who later sold it to Mark Thompson's Aviation Warehouse. Firefly production designer Carey Meyer rented the prop for the episode and the crew modified and repainted it for its new role. After filming the episode, the prop was returned to the warehouse, who later sold it to the El Dorado Aircraft Supply Co. Ltd. El Dorado kept it in a scrapyard in the Mojave Desert, where it would stay for years until being found and bought by the "Ariel Ambulance Rescue Group" on May 6, 2006. It was later restored and displayed (along with props from Serenity donated by The Prop Store of London) at many conventions and has been signed by Firefly crew members including Tim Minear, Jane Espensen, Loni Peristere, and Jewel Staite.
  • The body-carriers used to carry the "dead" Simon and River into the hospital are actually modern automobile rooftop cargo boxes made by Thule.

Notes and references[]