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"...This one's addresed to you and Zoe..."
―Amnon telling Mal about the package[src]

Amnon the postmaster

Amnon Duul was a Jewish Postmaster aboard Li Shen's Bazzar Skyplex where Dead Bessie was displayed as an "alien". In the beginning of "The Message" he gives Malcolm Reynolds and Zoë Alleyne Washburne a package containing a fallen war comrade and begins to become worried that he could lose his franchise because of the corpse being sent through the Allied Postal System. Later he is confronted by Womack and Skunk and Fendris about the crew of serenity and threatens first to imprison him if he not inform them about the package. Then he threatens to incinerate him despite his cooperation, and has Skunk spray him with a volatile liquid from a spray can, then lights a match and tells him, "If you tell anyone we were here, warn Captain Reynolds that we're coming, then you'll wished we'd burned you. Dong ma?" He then blows out the match and the trio leave.


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