Atlas of the 'Verse: Volume 1
Published by Quantum Mechanix

The Atlas of the 'Verse: Volume 1 is a 26-page A3-size spiral bound book published by Quantum Mechanix. Styled as an in-universe guide to eleven planets on the New Canaan Run, the book gives detailed information on worlds located on the trade route. The introduction to the book is written by Tim Minear, producer of Firefly.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

With hundreds of terraformed planets and moons, the worlds of Firefly/Serenity are vast, varied and ever-changing. And a smart captain – a captain who expects to carve a living out of the black – needs to know a lot about those worlds. Which planets sell low? Which pay high? What are the local customs, cultures and laws? And what’s the best path to maximize profit, minimize risk and keep flying.

That's why the Trader's Guild Association has issued this comprehensive guide to the New Canaan run: The Atlas of The Verse, Volume One.

The New Canaan run is favored by captains flying light- and mid-bulk transports for its diverse markets and exports. And for those who must occasionally live on the raggedy edge, its varied levels of law enforcement are a plus, as well. The route described in the 26 full-color pages of the Atlas spans 11 planetary systems, crossing from The Core through The Border to The Rim and back.

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