The Battle of Du-Khang was a protracted siege between the Union of Allied Planets and Independent Planets a year before the end of the Unification War.

The 57th Overlanders of the "Balls and Bayonets" Brigade participated in this fight. Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds and Corporal Zoë Alleyne both fought at Du-Khang, as did Tracey. Reynolds already controlled the unit, as he issued orders in the Lieutenant's name and referred to him as a "kid," implying that the officer was new.

During the battle, Reynolds tried to find Vitelli, who was apparently an Independent Planets officer, but found that the "bumblebee" had surrendered to the Union of Allied Planets, exposing the northwest quadrant. The Lieutenant also fell into an advanced state of shell-shock, essentially catatonic. The 57th, holed up in a Buddhist temple, would have been unable to hold the position, especially in the face of the Alliance armor that had been brought to flush them out, so Reynolds, taking advantage of the Lieutenant's mental lapse, orders the 57th to unite with the 22nd in the school district and make a stand. Just as the 57th was beginning to remove themselves from the area, Alliance armor rolled into their position, wounding Tracey and several others.


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