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New Dunsmuir (capital)
New Huntsville


A city on Beaumonde.

Earth That Was Kentucky Bourbon

Old Earth Style Kentucky Bourbon

The heavily industrialized planet of Beaumonde was the manufacturing hub of the system. Its cities were surrounded by factories that produced everything from computer parts to ceramic coffee mugs. Some of the factories were owned by Blue Sun Corporation, though there were rumors that a few of these were not really factories at all or, if they were, that they're turning out something other than canned beans. Security was tight at all Blue Sun plants, so no one was able to get inside one of these buildings to find out. Or least if they did, they never got back out to tell the tale.


Due to the high industrial output, pollution was a problem. Beaumonde's cities were covered in a perpetual haze. Weather control systems processed the worst of the pollution, but the science-minded believed the long-term effects may be more difficult to take care of. Every year more pollutants found their way into the water and the soil, causing many problems for those who lived off the land. Some people moved their homes and businesses underground to escape the air pollution.

In the countryside, the air quality was better than in the cities, and farmers and ranchers managed to make a good living. There was also a thriving spaceport on Beaumonde, much like the more famous port of Persephone.

New Dunsmuir was the capital of Beaumonde. The city was the only one on the planet that had no factories. Located on an ocean, New Dunsmuir was a popular tourist destination. Many wealthy factory owners made their homes here, as did those who work in the tourist industry. New Dunsmuir was a beautiful city with avenues of trees and carefully maintained flower gardens.

The city of New Huntsville on Beaumonde was the location of the Earth-That-Was Distillery. Among their products was the famous Old Earth Style Kentucky Bourbon, a specialty known throughout the Verse.


  • The name means "beautiful world" in French, and was used in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Britain to denote high society, the elite and their playgrounds. It bordered on the "demi-monde", the "half-world" in which courtesans and criminals were to be found.