Ben Edlund (b. 1968) is a comic book artist and writer and television screenwriter. While in high school, he created his signature character, The Tick. He was offered to create a comic book series based on the character by New England Comics, when the publisher needed a new title fast, based on a production mix-up. Edlund drew the popular character while majoring in film at Massachusetts College of Art. The Tick has since been featured in an animated series and a live-action series on FOX, which naturally led to various toy and merchandising deals.

In the late 1990s, Edlund collaborated with indie filmmaker Lisa Hammer and her husband, Eric Hammer, on the film Crawley. In the early '00s, he was employed by Joss Whedon at Mutant Enemy, first on Firefly and then later on the final season of Angel.

Edlund served as co-executive producer on Point Pleasant in 2005. He is now a consulting producer and writer on the TV series Supernatural.

He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and child.

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