Planet information
Sun orbited

White Sun[1]

Date terraformed





4.114x1021 tonnes[1]


0.9982 G[1]

Orbital position


Orbital distance

1,234,182,428km (8.250 AU)[1]

Orbital periods

23.70 years/ 8,655 days[1]


Central Planets[1]

Cities and towns



Union of Allied Planets[1]

Bernadette was a planet in the White Sun system.


Bernadette (original designation P/2028(White Sun)13‎) was the first planet in the White Sun system. Measuring 10,582 kilometers in diameter, Bernadette orbited the star White Sun at a distance of 1,234,182,428 kilometers, which was equivalent to 8.250 AUs. Bernadette had a surface gravity of 0.9982, and a mass of 4.114x1021 tonnes. The planet took 23.70 years to orbit around Bai Hu, which equated to 8,655 days. Bernadette had two moons; Nautilus and Spinrad; which orbited the planet. Both were terraformed at the same time as Bernadette. By 2518, Bernadette supported a population of 3,753,542,000 inhabitants.[1]


Bernadette, originally known as P/2028(White Sun)13, was discovered in 2028 by astronomers on Earth-That-Was in the star cluster which was designated as 34Tauri2020. It was believed that the planet was suitable for terraforming. With the realization that Earth-That-Was would no longer be able to sustain its population, the Global Exodus Alliance was formed to evacuate the Sol system and relocate humanity to the newly discovered 34Tauri2020 star cluster. After a trip of almost one hundred and twenty years, robot terraformers began to terraform Bernadette in 2220. Terraforming of the planet and its accompanying moons was completed in 2240, with colonization beginning in the same year.[1] As a result, Bernadette was the first planet colonized after the settling of Londinium and Sihnon.[2]

The Prometheus, the only remaining ark from the Exodus that had not been used to settle Londinium and Sihnon, was used to populate the planet. Five times larger than a Tohoku-class cruiser, it was landed on the planet and the capital city of New Paris was formed around it. The Prometheus was converted into a museum dedicated to the bravery and courage of those travellers who had crossed the void of space to settle the new system.[2]

Like other Central planets, Bernadette was highly modern and civilized, and its citizens had access to high technology. The population's basic needs were provided for them, and large edifices of steel and metal dominated the skyline. Due to its status as a Central Planet, landing on Bernadette was technically restricted, although claiming to be a settler or a ship filled with children heading for the museum usually allowed a ship clearance.[2]

Bernadette was the traditional launch point for settlers looking to leave the Central Planets to start new lives in the border or rim worlds.[2] As a result, the official resettlement bureau, the Alliance Colony and Settlement Authority based in New Tombstone, required all prospective settlers to fill out CSA-0010B Request for Resettlement and Homestead forms.[1] Many businesses catered to the large amount of prospective settlers by selling tools and supplies. However, an underground slave trade existed on the planet, where settlers were kidnapped and shipped off to work on terraforming stations. The slavers targeted new arrivals, and did not bother the local inhabitants as they rationalized that newcomers and outsiders were less likely to be missed.[2]


Bernadette supported a large religious community, with multiple faiths; including Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism; being represented among the population. Bernadette was also the location of several fringe religions and cults.[2]


Bernadette's capital city, New Paris, was the location of museum that chronicled the Great Exodus from Earth-That-Was. The museum resided inside the hull of the Prometheus, the last remaining ark that transported Humanity to the 'Verse. The city of New Tombstone was the home of the head offices of the Alliance Colony and Settlement Authority.[2]

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