In preparation for a major new gameplay reveal at this Thursday’s Firefly Online NYCC panel (Thurs. Oct. 9, 2015 at 7:15 pm, Room: 1A06), we want to introduce you to a really big ship: The Blue Sun Super Freighter.

By far the most common way of moving supplies from one world to another is this city-sized cargo carrier. The Super Freighter is so huge, two Firefly Series 3s could fly in the front docking bay wingtip-to-wingtip and not touch the sides. These days, the Super Freighter routinely travels to the Border and Rim to support growing populations there, although for these longer missions, the freighter is as likely to be automated as not.

This makes it a tempting target for pirates and scavengers, and it’s a not outside of the realm of possibility you’ll come across one of these megaships in your own travels.

What makes the Super Freighter so important is it is a template for procedurally generating derelict ships you encounter. The ships generated from this template will vary is size, deck plan, function, state of repair and integrity. So at no point will you be able to salvage a ship you come across with any degree of surety about what’ll be waiting for you inside.

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