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"This is why you'll never be in charge, Bree. You don't see the whole. The parts are crap, but you put it together you got a Firefly. Thing'll run forever they got a mechanic even half awake... Some people ain't lookin' for flash. She's a good catch."

Bree, working beneath Corbin of a Carrion house, helped operate the "scrap shop" in deep space to immobilize vessels, wipe out their crews, and sell the ships whole or part by part. Compared to his boss, Bree was a poorer judge of shipbuilding quality and the value of possible targets. The pair had a working relationship with Saffron and she had sent at least one other vessel into the lethal "net" of their carrion house.

The scrappers' carrion house threatens Serenity

When Saffron was aboard Serenity under the guise of an ignorant peasant, she sent a secret message to the scrappers. The boss and Bree then used an asteroid-mounted camera to get scans of Serenity. From inside the carrion house, Bree and the boss observed the images. Bree complained that the Firefly-class transport ship vessel was made up of inferior parts that would sell poorly. But the boss overrode him with his more experienced judgement, saying that there is a strong market for such a vessel as a whole. He ordered Bree to prep the nets if the Firefly approached.

Soon after, Serenity was crippled and sent helplessly toward the scrappers' vessel. Bree notified the boss that their prey was approaching, and the men complimented Saffron's expertise. As they waited for the Firefly to become trapped, an explosion sent sparks flying around them. The two men huddled by their control panel, only to watch in horror as bullets pelted their observation window; Jayne Cobb had blasted away the net with his gun Vera and was now shooting at the control area. Cracks spidered on the glass, which blew out, and the two scrappers were flung into deep space without any protective gear. Serenity continued on, unharmed.

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Bree appeared in "Our Mrs. Reynolds" and was portrayed by Erik Passoja.

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