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Crow was the chief enforcer for Adelai Niska. Crow served as Niska's right hand and saw to it that all of his business associates fully complied. When Malcolm Reynolds went to discuss a job prospect with Niska, Crow lumbered in the threshold of Niska's office to make a frightening first impression.

Later, when Mal failed to make the rendezvous, Crow and some men tracked Serenity to their new location. He demanded answers, and was confounded when Mal responded that their deal was off. Crow would not accept that they decided not to meet the terms of his business arrangement, even though Mal said he would turn over the first payment immediately. Crow escalated the situation when he refused to accept Mal's reasoning, and threw a knife into the captain. As the two groups fought, Jayne shot Crow through the leg (the intended target was Crow's head, but Jayne had been doped earlier and his aim was off).

After Mal returned the Pescaline D to Sheriff Bourne, he went to speak to Crow, who was bound up like the rest of his men. He was told to return Niska's money and deliver a message. When he completely refused and threatened to kill them all later, Mal kicked Crow into the intake of Serenity's thruster to save them from further troubles. Mal then left the money with another man in Crow's crew, who, fearing the same fate as Crow, very readily complied.

Behind the scenesEdit

Crow was portrayed by Andrew Bryniarski.


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