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<p style="margin-bottom: 0in; line-height: 150%; margin-left: 40px;"><span style="font-style: normal"><span style="text-decoration: none"><span style="font-weight: normal"><span style="background: transparent">Patriotism, though a bit on the passionate side. </span></span></span></span><span style="background: transparent">''<span style="text-decoration: none"><span style="font-weight: normal">Ex: Mal: “Wash, we got ourselves some local color going on down here; your presence would not go amiss.”</span></span>''</span></p>
<p style="margin-bottom: 0in; line-height: 150%; margin-left: 40px;"><span style="font-style: normal"><span style="text-decoration: none"><span style="font-weight: normal"><span style="background: transparent">Patriotism, though a bit on the passionate side. </span></span></span></span><span style="background: transparent">''<span style="text-decoration: none"><span style="font-weight: normal">Ex: Mal: “Wash, we got ourselves some local color going on down here; your presence would not go amiss.”</span></span>''</span></p>
? ? ? A bit/amount. Could be used to mean a small amount, or an intential under-exaggeration of a large amount.
; '''<span style="background: transparent"><span style="font-style: normal"><span style="text-decoration: none">Neg</span></span></span>'''
; '''<span style="background: transparent"><span style="font-style: normal"><span style="text-decoration: none">Neg</span></span></span>'''

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Rim world speech

  • Truncate the "g" for "ing" words in spelling (final velar nasals become alveolar in speech) ("schoolin'")
  • Pepper with slang adjectives.
  • Double negatives. ("It don't mean nothin' out here.")
  • Using odd words and word forms in phrases.
  • Use "don't" instead of "doesn't."
  • Ain't.
  • Odd Words: druther, yonder, dang, plumb, right smart.
  • Prefixing "a" on gerunds ("a-runnin'").
  • No -ly on adverbs from adjectives. ("She described the plan real simple. That job's awful hard to do.")
  • Irregular verbs default to third person singular. ("We was goin' there. He got none of that.")
  • Malformed verbs. ("He growed up real good. He come by here last night. I seen it with my own eyes. He done run off again.")

A few examples...

  • "Looks like we got us some imminent violence."
  • "We got no short of ugly ridin' in on us."
  • "I'm just feeling kind of truthsome right now."
  • "We're in some peril here."
  • "We just need a small crew, them as feel the need to be free."
  • "This here's a recipe for unpleasantness."
  • "I'm shocked my own self."
  • "We'll be there directly."
  • "But she does have an oddness to her."


Frontier life


Top notch; quality

Completely. ("Where'd she go gettin' all-fired jealous 'bout this?")
Awful, Dreadful, Mighty, Plumb, Powerful
Adjectives for emphasis. ("Gettin' awful crowded in my sky.")


stupid, naive; a derogatory term for someone born from a primitive or outer rim planet (i.e. "born on a backwards planet")

Great. ("They did a bang-up job.")


Refers to the skull which encases the brain. Another way of saying 'head'.

Mental hospital.

Chinese Checkers

A game still played in the 'verse. Placed on booths and tables in bars and some such.


Dead. Now resembling a corpse.


Schedule, calender, itinerary. Example: Wash (ep 1): “Nah, she [Inara] had a pretty full docket.”



Fancy Rock

Another way of saying a well-to-do planet run entirely by the Alliance.




A makeshift shelter in a war zone.


Folk who are easily swayed and comforted.

Go away.

High ground

A spot not underneath foxholes in battle. Instead, literally on the war front.

Fancy word for toilet.

Let's hoof it”

Let's get going.

Let's moon 'em”

Slang for Serenity's rear engine flaring up for a getaway.

Local color

Patriotism, though a bit on the passionate side. Ex: Mal: “Wash, we got ourselves some local color going on down here; your presence would not go amiss.”


? ? ? A bit/amount. Could be used to mean a small amount, or an intential under-exaggeration of a large amount.



Stubborn, not passive.
A large amount.
Anyone religious.
To be held up or in a sticky situation; Plan went south; To be in a bind.


An adjective that has been adapted to also use as a noun. Kaylee uses it a lot. “Look at all the pretties!”; “Every piece of pretty is tagged for the scanners.”


A crony for someone of the expensive/diplomatic variety.

A derogatory term used to refer to a member of the Alliance.


Hightailing; running; fleeing.

Run afoul
To get into trouble with.
A party, usually with dancing.
Good or valuable.
Size someone up
Judge how tough they are or what their intentions might be.


Frontier Slang for men who prefer other men sexually.
To taint
Suss (out)
To figure out; determine
Sensitive or complaining.


Alliance Cruiser

Like a police patrol cruiser. But for the space faring Alliance. (IAV = Interplanetary Alliance Vessel. ex: IAV Dartmunder)


Exactly what it sounds like. One of the vessels is manned by Agent Womack and his cronies are Fendis and Skunk.

Atmosphere, as in to "leave atmo."
The black
A vacuum effect created in the barrel of a firearm when it is discharged. Works in the same case for a ship going on full burn breaking atmo.
Clean your housing
To give a thorough beating (as in a spaceship's engine housing).

Dead in the Water

Floating, drifting; not going anywhere.


Estimated Time of Arrival. Pilot lingo.

Feds, Federals
Members of the Alliance, its military, law enforcement, or functionaries.

Fire it up

Start the ship.

Get this bird in the air

Launch the ship for take-off.

Go to blackout
Shut down power on the ship to avoid detection.
Go for hard burn/full burn
Burn through fuel cells; or fly fast.; use all engine power.
Green for...[docking, etc]
Referring to the light on a console that signals all systems are standing by for whatever purpose the light correlates to. (landing, docking, taking off, etc.)


Interplanetary Alliance Vessel;

(Crazy) Ivan

Originally a submariner stunt/maneuver that was used to pull an pursuing vessle into attack range, usually used by the Soviet Navy. In this case it can be pulled on a ship with two side propelling engines in order to create a spinning motion. Once hydraulics are cut, it takes the lowering of a lever and the push of a button in the engine room, and it's good for going.

On the drift
In space without fuel unable to travel.
Madmen who live on the edges of civilized space, flying dangerous ships and preying on other space vessels.
The Rim
Frontier planets, not the core.


A ship modeled after a large, flat-bottomed boat with squared ends. Used to haul bulky cargo (soil, sand, ore, etc). Can be retro-fitted to serve as transport vessels. They can hold between 15-20 families. Travelers pick them up cheap at government auctions. A few modifications and they serve well enough for a one-way push to the outer planets.


A small ship (like a rowboat equivalent, but sky/space oriented) used in war.

Take the helm

Man the bridge. An old phrase that has transcended from the sailing days of Earth-that-was into the 2500s.


A commercial vessel. Old model; hardly ever in use anymore. One too many of them got hit by Reavers, likely.

The 'Verse

Inhabited space or the universe.
Being buzzed
Sensors from another ship are actively sweeping you.


Illegal, addictive, narcotic drugs.
Second story job
Breaking and entering robbery.
The goods
Went south
Problems appeared, the plan fell apart.
Amateur or illegal alcoholic drink.
Pickpocket thief in a town.
To trick someone.
On the dodge
Wanted by the police.


A lawyer.
Widespread information network.
Genetically engineered crop seeds used on freshly terraformed worlds.
Orbital city or space station.
A communication: text, audio, video, or holographic.


3D Neuro-imager

A three dimensional provision of a brain scan. Simon uses one in the diagnostic ward at St. Lucy's hospital on Ariel.


Abbreviation for blood pressure.


A med that slows the metabolic state so you can appear to be dead. Used in 'Ariel' and 'The Message'. Usually induces a vomiting side effect once it wears off.

Cardiac Infusers

Used to infuse whatever is needed in the heart to keep it working

Cortical Electrodes

By parsing the definition: a cortical is the outer layer of an internal organ or body structure. And an electrode is an electrical conductor meant to make contact with a nonmetallic circuit. Safe to assume that the said 'circuit' in this case would relate in a medical sense to the cortical.


Gets electromagnetic currents to the heart in order to get it pumping again.

Dermal mender

A medical tool that mends severed skin—Simon got to use it for Mal's ear in the episode 'War Stories', thanks to the Counciller (a female client of Inara's) generously loaning the equipment for them to use.


Abbreviation for Dead on Arrival


An instrument used to pull out things like bullet shards

Good Night Kiss

A narcotic compound, applied on the lips most often. Convenient for the low-and-dirty seducers who try and earn a swindle into their gig. Or for something of a more sinister nature, like Saffron in 'Our Mrs. Reynolds'.


A transportable hospital bed/stretcher on wheels.


A medical supply worth about 200 credits. More costly than Isoprovaline and Propoxine combined. Use? Unknown. But Simon also originally had one provided in his med kit.

Hypodermic needles – aka Hypo.

Used to penetrate skin and allow liquids to either be injected or extracted. They serve a particularly good use in providing liquid meds that cannot be ingested (either because they're physically incapable, or the meds would be useless through a digestive tract.).


Used to hold vials of meds that are injected by the gun.


An immune booster. A common med, provided in Simon's med kit. Street value for a vial: Fifty platinum.

Medical monitor

Used to monitor vitals in patients hooked up to it.


Where meds are located and stored in a hospital environment.


A medical supply that costs about 80 credits. Provided in Simon's personal med kit. Use? Unknown. But it's worth more than the Isoprovaline.

Pulmonary Stimulators

A method to stimulate major arteries. Usually a good idea if patients are cyanotic and unresponsive when attempting to resuscitate them.

Pulse is thready”

Medical lingo, meaning the pulse on the monitor is wavering on the slow side.

Standard Companion immunization package

Equipment provided for Inara from the guild, who graciously donates it to Simon in the first episode. Which materials are included in the package are unknown.

Syringe Gun

Inara keeps one such device in her chamber. It is fancier than the hypo-gun, with a an unmarked vial containing black liquied.


Used to store liquid meds such as smoothers (used to 'dope' patients)

Chinese phrases

The Chinese that became one of the two primary tongues of the 'Verse was originally known as Mandarin. China's official language, Mandarin (sometimes called Pekingese) was derived from the dialect once spoken in that country's northeast, primarily around the capital Beijing. Another major Chinese dialect was Cantonese, spoken down south in Guangdong Province. Way back in the Earth-That-Was days, the Chinese went through a brouhaha as to which of the two tongues to make official. Though no blood was shed far as we know, it was a verbal civil war. North and South fought with volleys of dead-waking hollers over the virtues of their respective cant. In the end, Mandarin won out as the national language. So instead of yat zeu, people shout qu si to tell folks to "go to hell."

Chinese is a very different tongue than English, and remains difficult for those who don't pick it up in their earliest years. Mandarin traditionally has four inflections—five if you count the fifth "soft" tone. You best enunciate each just right, or you might have folks scratching their heads, wondering why you're so upset about losing a shoe when you're really trying to alert them of a man overboard.

We said "traditionally", because in the 26th century, we go by New Chinese. Like English where new words constantly replace the old, and nobody utters the Earth-That-Was slang, Chinese got a makeover too. The progression of humans into a bilingual community evolved the original language into a newer stripped-down version. The main languages, Chinese and English, can each express certain subjects and ideas more efficiently. Over time, folks figured out what these were, and started replacing different parts of speech with whichever language related their thoughts the best. A doctor in the 26th century wouldn't hope to explain chi flow in English, for instance, any more than a control station would give docking instructions in Chinese.

Words and phrases became further streamlined—curmudgeon sticklers would say "corrupted." But only those reared in true Old Chinese-speaking households would complain, and the accessibility made it much easier for lower-class folk of English-speaking heritage.

Jung J'wohn Guo Hua (講中國話) Like a True Spacer

The above would read 'Speaking Chinese Like a True Spacer' in English. In humanity's new home, a collective of humans are able to swear in a 5,000+ year old language—with a cowboy twang.

The following phrases can be tossed into whatever situation seems most appropriate, or not. These just scratch the surface of possibilities for cursing in Chinese. While even educated, refined folk swear every now and then, you're more likely to hear most of these phrases out of a free-boosting fringe rat. Phrases are listed by the first letter of the phrase, and collected here thanks to Laura (Zoë's player) and the Serenity RPG.


A big pile of shit 一大坨大便
Yi Da Tuo Da Bian.
A switch to those girls' backsides is just good enough 鞭打她們的背就夠了
Byen Dah Tah Muhn Dug Bay Jo Go Lai.
Abracadabra-alakazam 天霛霛、地霛霛
Tian-Ling-Ling, Di-Ling-Ling.
Accusing someone of lying, a ridiculous notion, or talking out of one's ass 放屁
Fuhn Pi, literally "farting."
Agitate someone out of hiding 打草驚蛇
Da Chow Jing Ser, literally "beating the grass to startle the snake."
Alas, not good, crud!, what a mess, too bad 糟糕
Jao Gao, literally "spoiled cake."
All that's proper 所有的都適當
Suoyou De Dou Shidang. (Pronunciation: Suo-yo duh doh shr-dang)
Alliance 聯盟
Lien Mohn.
Do we have an understanding? Do you get it? 懂了嗎?
Dohn luh mah.
Ass, bottom, posterior 屁股
Pi Gu. (Pronunciation: Pee-goo)
Attributing an unfortunate longshot occurrence 夜路走多了總會見鬼
Yeh Lu Jwo Duo Luh Jwohn Whei Jian Guay, literally "do enough nighttime travels and one will eventually see a ghost"; also a warning of future retribution.
Awesome or extraordinarily clever 高棍
Gao Guhn, literally "high pole."


Baboon's ass crack 狒狒屁股
Feh Feh Pi Goh.
Bastard, jerk 混蛋
Hwen Dan, literally "rotten egg."
Big boss or operator of a business 老闆,老闆娘
Lao Bahn; Lao Bahn Niang for female boss or proprietor's wife. Also informal appellation for acquaintances.
Big brother 哥 / 哥哥 / 大哥
Ghuh or Ghuh-Ghuh, the former is more intimate and connotes blood relation.
Da-ghuh means "big brother" or "leader"
Big change 大變化
Da Bianhua.
Big sister 姊姊
Jieh or Jieh-jieh.
Big stupid pile of stinking meat 一大堆笨臭肉
Yi Da Dwei Bun Chou Roh.
Blessings on you, dear sister 祝福你、妹妹
Zhufu Ni, Mei-Mei. (Pronunciation: Tzoo-foo nee, mei-mei.)
Blindside or conspire against someone secretly 放冷箭
Fang Leng Jian, literally "shoot a cold arrow."
Bottoms up 乾杯
Gan Beyh, literally "dry cup."
Brilliant 精彩
Jing tsai
(slang for soldiers of Independent) Jone Yee.


Cheap floozy 賤貨
Jien Huo.
Check at once 馬上檢查
Ma Shong Jien Cha.
Cheering or urging someone on 加油
Jah Yoh, literally "add fuel," equivalent of "go (name)!" in English.
Choose the wrong method to handle a situation 抱薪救火
Bao Xin Jiu Huo, literally "bring wood to put out a fire."
Come in 請進
Ching Jin.
Commit blunder of great magnitude
Bie Woo Lohng.
Complete disarray or sheer pandemonium 天翻地覆
Tian Fan Di Fu, literally "sky tumbles while earth turns over."
Completely useless 天地無用
Tian Di Wu Yowng
Congratulations 恭喜
Gohn Shi.
Conniving or scheming person 鬼頭鬼腦
Guay Toh Guay Nown, literally "ghost head and ghost brain."
Cool 酷
Oh, crap 糟糕
Tzao Gao.
Crap, shit 狗屎
Go shi
Crazy, go crazy 瘋了
Feng Le (Pronunciation: Fong luh)
Crazy dog in love with its own feces 愛吃自己的糞[的]狗
Ai Chr Jze Se Duh Fohn Diang Gho.
Cursing 罵髒話
Ma Jung Hwa, literally "chastise with dirty words."
Cute 可愛
Kuh Ai.


Damn or damn it 他媽的/該死/阿呀
他媽的 Ta Ma Duh (literally "his mother's..."), 該死 Gai Si, 唉呀 Ai Ya.
Dangerous person or animal 危險動物
Wei Shian Dohn Woo.
Dangly piece of flesh 戰抖的一塊肉
Zhan Dou De Yi Kuai Rou. (Pronunciation: Jan-doh duh ee-kwai-ro)
Daydream or wishful thinking 白日夢
Bai Rih Mohn.
Dear god in heaven 我的天阿
Wo De Tian A. (Pronunciation: Wuh de tyen ah).
Demon woman 妖女
Yao Nu.
Deserving of bad consequence or fate, "You asked for it!" "That's what you get!" 活該
Hwo Gai.
Despicable 可惡
Kuh Wu.
Dirty bastard sons-of-- 王八蛋
Wang Ba Dan. (Pronunciation: Wang bao dahn).
Do something for nothing in return, or wasted endeavour without a payoff 義演
Yee Yan, literally "a charity show."
Dog-fucking 狗操的
Gou cao de. (Pronunciation: Go tsao de)
Done for or imminent doom, screwed 完蛋
Wong Dahn, literally "finished (cooked) egg."
Don't worry 放心
Fang Xin. (Pronunciation: Fahng-sheen)
Down payment
Shi Yan.
Dumbass 蠢
Chwen, descriptive, literally "retarded."


Jing Tian Dwohn Di, literally "startle the sky and shake the earth."
Engage in a feces-hurling contest with a monkey 跟猴子比丟屎
G'en Ho Tze Bi Dio Se (Pronunciation: Gun hoe-tze bee dio-se)
Enough of this nonsense 夠荒[ ]
Go Hwong Tong.
Everybody, shut the hell up 你們都閉嘴
Ni Men Dou Bi Zui.
Everyone in the 'Verse 天下所有的人 "All people under Heaven"
Tian Xia Suo You De Ren.
Everything under the sky, "All under Heaven" 天下
Tian Shia, can be used to allude to the world or universe.
Excrement 米田共
Mi Tian Gohn, slang, derives from the fact that when you stack the three characters - "mi" (rice), "tian" (paddy), and "gohn" (public or mutual) - from top to bottom in that order, they form the ideograph for excrement.
Explosive diahrrea of an elephant 大象拉屎
Da Shiong La Se La Ch'Wohn Tian.
Extraordinarily impatient Buddha
Zhen Mei Nai Xin De Fo Zu. (Pronunciation: Jen mei nai-shing duh fwo-tzoo)


Fear nothing but (fill in the blank) 天不怕、地不怕、只怕 _____
Tian Bu Pa, Di Bu Pa, Tze Pa...
Fellow, bloke 傢伙
Ja Hwo, also slang for weapon.
Female companion or girlfriend
Ma Tze, a somewhat derogatory slang; add Dow in front for "looking to get a girlfriend."
Filthy fornicators of livestock
Ung Jeong Jia Ching Jien Soh.
Fire! 開火,放火
Kai Huo (as in shooting), Fuhn Huo (as in starting).
Fire at will or terminate with extreme prejudice
Dai Kai Sa Jeh, meaning "breaking the Buddhist vow against killing."
Flat-chested 荷包蛋
Hur Bao Duhn, slang, literally "eggs cooked sunny side up."
Foiled or ruined at the last moment 熟鴨飛天
Soh Ya Feh Tian, expression, literally "a cooked duck flies away."
Fool 傻瓜
Sha Gwa, literally "stupid melonhead."
Friend, pal, buddy 朋友
Puhn Yoh.
Frog-humping son of a bitch
Qing Wa Cao De Liu Mang. (Pronunciation: Ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng)
Fuck you. Damn everyone in the 'verse. 你他媽的 天下所有的人都該死
Ni Ta Ma De. Tian Xia Suo You De Ren Dou Gai Si.


Gang or faction leader
Da Gher Da for male, Da Jeh Da for female, slang.
Garbage 垃圾
Luh Suh.
Get bold or audacious
Fahn Dahn, literally "release courage."
Get lost 快走開
Kwai Jio Kai.
Go all out, hold nothing back 拼命
Ping Ming, literally "fight for one's life."
Go far away very fast 快去很遠的地方
Kuai Qu Hen Yuan De Di Fang. (Pronunciation: Kwai chur hun-rien duh di fahng)
Go to hell 去死
Chiu Se, literally "go die."
Good or okay 好
Good journey or bon voyage 一路順風
Yi Lu Shwen Fohn.
Good luck 祝好運
Joo How Rin.
Greetings, hello there 你好
Ni How.


Handsome 帥
Happy development or fortuitous turn of event
How Shi Sung Chung, literally "a good show's about to start," can be used sarcastically.
Have desires above one's social / financial position, or beyond one's ability to realize 癩蛤蟆想吃天鵝肉
Lai Huh Moh Sheong Tze Tian Uh Zoh, literally "for a toad to think of eating a swan."
He or she 他、他的 / 她、她的 / 他們、他們的
Tah, tah-duh for his or hers, tah-muhn for them, tah-munh-duh for theirs.
Heaven knows what 天曉得
Tian Xiao De. (Pronunciation: Tyen shiao duh)
Hey! 喂!
Wei. (Pronunciation: Way!)
Holy testicle Tuesday
Shun Sheng Duh Gao Wahn.
Homewrecking tramp 狐狸精
Hu Li Jing, literally "fox spirit."
How are you? 你好嗎?
Ni Hao ma
Hurry up, faster 趕快
Gan Kwai.


I, or me 我
Wo (me), wo-duh (mine) pronounced "wuh"
I don't believe my eyes! 我不相信我的眼睛
Wo Bu Shin Wo Dah Yan Jing.
I neither see nor hear you... 我對你不聼不見
Wuo Dwei Nee Boo Ting Boo Jen.
I will close my ears and my heart and I will be a stone
Wuo Shang Mei Er, Mei Sheen, Byen Shi To.
I/you saw his ghost 見他的鬼
Jian Ta De Gui. (Pronunciation: Jien tah duh guay)
Idiot, moron 笨蛋 / 蠢豬
Buhn Dahn, literally "stupid egg," or Chwen Joo, literally "retarded pig."
Idiots. All of you. 你們都是傻瓜
Ni Men Dou Shi Sha Gua.
I'm fucked 我肏
Wo Cao.
Impossible 不可能
Bu Kuh Nuhn.
Impressive display or visage but no substance 大槍無彈
Da Chung Wu Dahn, literally "big gun, no bullet."
In someone's doghouse 冷宮
Luhn Gohn, literally "a cold palace," which is where an emperor confines those concubines who have fallen out of favor.
In that case, never mind 那沒關係
Nah Mei Guan Shee.
Is that so?/Oh, really? 是嗎?
Shi Ma?


Jesus 耶穌
Yeh Su. (Pronunciation: Yeh-soo)
Junk 廢物
Fey Wu. (Pronunciation: Fei-oo)
Just our luck, what terrible luck 真倒黴
Zhen Dao Mei. (Pronunciation: Jen dao mei)



Leader of a criminal operation 蛇頭
Sher Toh, literally "snakehead," derogatory.
Leave one to his own fate
Tze Sh'un Tze Mieh.
Let me repeat myself 我再講一次
Wuo Jai Jeong Yi Chi.
Let's see how we're going to die! 看我們怎麽死吧!
Kan Wo Men Zen Me Si Ba!
Let's take a deep breath. 一起深呼吸
Yi Chi Shen Hu Xi. (Pronunciation: Ee-chee shung-hoo-shee.)
Life support failure.
Shuhn Ming Shi T'wohn Gu Jong.
Like hell 見他的鬼
Jien Ta Duh Guay, literally "see his ghost."
Little brother 弟/弟弟
Di or Di-Di.
Little sister 妹/妹妹
Mei or Mei-Mei.
Long time no see 好久不見
How Joh Bu Jian.
Oh, Lord/Oh, God
Lao Tien Fu. (Pronunciation: Lao tien foo)


Male companion or boyfriend
Kai Tze, also a somewhat derogatory slang.
Manipulate, or playing someone for a fool
Merciful Buddha protect us
Rung Tse Fwo Tzoo Bao Yo Wuo Muhn.
Merciful God please take me away
Rung Tse Song Di Ching Dai Wuo Tzo.
Merciless hell
Ai Yah Tien Ah.
Mind your own business
Gwon Ni Tze Jee Duh Shr. (Pronunciation: Gwon nee ju jee du shu)
Shao Jeh, literally "little lady." Follows a name when addressing a known person, so River would be addressed as Tam River shao jeh, or simply Tam shao jeh.
Shian Shen, literally "born before me," also follows a person's name.
Monkey raping
Cheong Bao Ho Tze.
Monkey's ass
Ho Tze Duh Pi Gu.
Mother of god
Wuh De Ma.
Motherless goat of all motherless goats
Mei Yong Ma Duh Tse Gu Yong.
Muddled, mixed-up, confused
Wu Toh Wu Now, literally "without a head or a brain."
Ta Ma Duh.
Mother-humping son of a bitch
Ta Ma De Hun Dan.
My ass is fucked
Wo Pi Gu Cao.
My Buddha-ancestor
Wo De Fo Zu.
My wife is not pretty!
Wo Tai Tai Bu Piou Liang.


No problem
Mei Wen Ti.
No work (to be found) at all
Me Gong Zuo Dou Mei You.
Fei Hua, literally 'crap talk.'
Not advised
Jwohn Gao Bu Yi.
Not enough
Bu Goh, or Hai Bu Goh for "not enough yet."
Not keeping a rendezvous
Fahn Gher Tze, literally "release a pigeon" but insinuating not picking up the bird at the destination.
Now, immediately, right away
Ma Shong.
Shiang Jing Ping or just Shiang Jing; Fuh Shiang Jing for "going nuts."
Nurse (as the profession, not the verb)
Hu Shi.


Oddball or a goof
Chai Neow.
Of course 當然
Dang ran.
Oh Lord, you clearly know I'm helping do your Work, so why do you find me trouble? 主阿,你明明知道我是幫你做事,又何必找我麻煩呢?
Zhu Ah, Ni Ming Ming Zhi Dao Wo Shi Bang Ni Zuo Shi, You He Bi Zhao Wo Ma Fan Ne?
Oh my God 我的天阿
Wou Duh Tian Ah.
Old 老
Old man / husband 老公
Lao Gohng.
Old woman / wife 老婆
Lao Puo.
Old friend, you're looking lively. 佬朋友,你看起來很有精神
Lao Peng You, Ni Kan Chi Lai Hen You Jing Shen, literally "Old friend, you're looking full of spirit." (Pronunciation: Lao pung yo nee can chi lai hun yo jing shen.)
One more cup of that brand, please.
Qing Zai Lai Yi Bei Na Kapei.
One must be ruthless to be a great man
Wu Du Bu Juhn Fu, literally "a person without poison is not a great man."
Ordinarily useless 經常沒用的
Jing Chang Mei Yong De. (Pronunciation: Jing tzahng mei yong duh)
Outdo someone or doing one better
Dao-Gao-Yee-Chi Moh-Gao-Yee-Juhn, expression, literally "the solution advances a yard, the problem advances a mile."
Over my dead body 除非我死了
Choo fay wuh sih leh, "only if I die first"


Lao Sheong if addressee's older, Lao Di if younger; used for men only. P'n Yoh for "friend."
Panda piss
Xiong Mao Niao. (Pronunciation: Shiong mao niao)
Pathetic wretch
Bei Bi Shiou Ren, literally "shameless dirty little person."
Ji Ba, slang. (Pronunciation: Jee-ba)
Peon, small fry, a nobody
Wu Ming Shao Jwu, literally "nameless little foot soldier."
Lao Deow Ya, literally "so old as to lose all teeth."
Pig's sty
Joo Fuen Chse.
Pile of sun-baked dog poo
Ri shao gou shi bing.
Piss-soaked pikers
Niao Se Duh Du Gwai.
Piss washed
Xi Niao. (Pronunciation: Shee niao)
Plain, bland, bare
Yong Chwen Mien, slang taken from the namesake generic, flavorless noodle dish.
Please be quiet
Ching Ahn Jing Yi Dien.
Pledge (promise)
Shi Yan.
Pool of excrement
F'n Zse, can be used in an expression for "deep crap."
Pool of pig droppings
Joo Fuen Chse.
Precious, darling, sweetheart, treasure
Bao Bei.
Pretty lady, hire me for the night and I'll open you like a flower...
Piow Liang De Shao Ji, Nee Gu Wuo Hu Nee Shang Hao. Wuh Hwai Rong Nee Shung Kai Roo Hua.
Pretty lady, forget him and hire me...
Piow Liang De Shao Ji, Bu Li Tah, Gu Wo...



Real man
Nuhn Tze Huhn.
Really dangerous
Wei Shan, more poetic, Wo Hu Chung Long, which is "crouching tiger, hidden dragon," an expression for something dangerous.
Really is a genius
Zhen De Shi Tian Cai. (Pronunciation: Jen duh sh tyen tsai)
Redundant, unnecessary complicating something
Wua Ser Tian Jwoo, literally "draw a snake and add feet to it."
Remorseless harridan
Bu Hui Hen De Puo Fu. (Pronunciation: Boo hway-hun duh puo-foo)
Retreat, run away
Joi Weh Sung Chiuh, phrase summarizing the last of the Chinese "36 Stratagems," which extols the virtue of fleeing to fight another day.
Ridiculously strange, illogical or nonsensical
Mo Min Chi Meow, literally "not understanding the peculiarity."
Ruined, finished
Wan Duhn Luh.
Ruthless or savage beast of a person
Ching Soh.


Screw him/her running
Gun Ta Jwo Lu.
Screw you
Chwee Ni Duh, literally "eat yours."
Shameless hussy
Meh Lien Duh Jyah Jee, literally "faceless bastard prostitute."
Shiny, awesome, fantastic
Shit on my head
Ai Ya Jwai Leh.
Shit talk
Da Bian Hua.
Shut up
Bi Jweh.
Shut up and make us wealthy
Bi Jweh, Lung Wuo Mun Fah Tsai.
Shut up, you inconsiderate schoolboys
Bi Jweh Nein Hen Bu Tee Tyeh Duh Nan Shung.
Da Yeh. When used as a nobility, Nuhu Jwei following the name.
Smelled a fart
Wen Gua Pi. (Pronunciation: Wun gwa pee)
So guilty as to deserve a thousand deaths
Jwei Gai Won Se.
Soldier, fighter, warrior
Zhan Shi.
Son of a bitch
Wong Ba Duhn, or Go Neong Yung Duh for a more literal and vicious translation.
Son of a drooling whore and a monkey
Liu Kou Shui De Biao Zi He Hou Zi De Er Zi. (Pronunciation: Liou coe shway duh biao-tze huh hoe-tze duh ur-tze)
Speak now and quickly
Yo Hua Kwai Suo.
Speaking without a clue
Shiah Hwa, literally "blind talk."
Stop talking
Joo Koh.
Stuff all the planets in the universe into my ass
Tai Kong Suo You Di Xing Qui Dou Sai Jin Wo De Pi Gu. (Pronunciation: Tai-kong suo-yo duh shing-chiou doh sai-jin wuh dhu pee-goo.)
Yu Bun Duh.
Stupid inbred stack of meat
Ben Tian Sheng De Yi Dui Rou. (Pronunciation: Bun tyen-shung duh ee-dway-ro)
Stupid son of a drooling whore and monkey
Lio Coh Jwei Ji Neong Hur Ho Deh Yung Duh Buhn Jah J'wohn.
Suicidal idea
Tze sah ju yi.
Surrender, give up
Toh Shung.


Take care, stay healthy 保重
Bao zhong, literally "maintain weight."
Talk nonsense
Shia Suo.
Thank you 謝謝
Sheh Sheh.
That has nothing to do with it 那沒關係
Na Mei Guan Xi. (Pronunciation: Nah mei guan shee)
There's nothing about this plan that isn't horrific!
Juh Guh Jee Hua Juhn Kuh Pah!
Things never go smooth
How W'rin Bu Lai, Whai W'rin Bu Jwo.
This really is a happy holiday
Zhe Zhen Shi Ge Kuai Le De Jing Zhang. (Pronunciation: Juh jen sh guh kwai luh duh jean jan)
To throw in a monkeywrench
Gwai Ma Jeow, literally "twist a horse's legs (while it's galloping)."
Trouble, problem, complication 麻煩
Ma Fahn.
Tyrant, iron-fisted ruler 霸王
Ba Wong.


Ugly or perverted person
Joo Bah Jeh, insult taken from the name of the hoggish, lecherous character in the popular Chinese folktale, "Journey to the West."
Dohn, dohn-ma for "understand?", dohn-luh-mah for "are we clear here?"


Feh Chun.


Wait / hold on a second
D'un Yi Shia.
Warning someone against doing things "the hard way"
Jin Joh Bu Chi Chi Fah Joh, literally "choosing to sip the wine of penalty over that of respect."
We, us
Wuo Mun, Wuo Mun Duh for ours.
We will enjoy your silence now
Bai Tuo, Uhn Jin Tee Dien.
Weak-ass sauce
Lan Dan Jiang.
We're in big trouble
Ai Ya Wo Mun Wan Leh.
Shuh Muh?
What the hell is this crap?
Juh Shi Suh Mo Go Dohng Shee?



Yeah, right (No, it's not!) 才不是
Cai Bu Shi.
Yes 是
You 你,你的
Ni, ni-duh for yours, ni-muhn for plural, ni-muhn-duh for plural possessive.
You don't deserve it
Ni Bu Ying Duh Jur Guh.
You wanna bullet right in your throat? 你要我開槍?
Nee Yow Wuo Kai Chiung?
You wanna die?
Nee Tzao Se Mah?
Young lady, little miss 小妹妹
Xiao Mei Mei.
Young one 年輕的, 幼齒
Nyen Ching Duh, or Yo Chr, slang for underaged (literally "infant teeth.")
You're crazy 發狂
Fa Kuang.
You're hurt 你受傷了
Ni Shou Shang Le.
You're mad/insane 發瘋
Fa Feng.


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