Eavesdown Docks quartermaster's HQ is the Alliance's quartermaster headquarters on the planet Persephone.

Eavesdown Docks quartermaster's HQ is a single-story aluminum building located in the Eavesdown Docks, with two armed Alliance guards stationed at the entrance. Inside is a large main room with no seating available. On the opposite side of the room, usually filled with people queueing, are windows protected by metal bars and transaction drawers. The bulletin boards are postered with advertisements for the Alliance galactic military forces with slogans, such as: "PATRIOTISM! ADVENTURE! OPPORTUNITY!"

Working behind these windows are the quartermaster HQ clerks, who are identifiable by their uniform: white shirt, garters on sleeves, and a plasma visor with the dock's arrivals and departures.

Crewmembers of docked ships find themselves in the quarermaster's HQ when they are victim of administrative issues involving docking fees or procedures.[1]

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