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Elias Vandal (born Elias Randall) was the leader of the raider gang the Scourers on the planet Thetis. He is the biological father of Jane McCloud.[1]

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Elias Randall was a for-hire debt collector for individuals who could not go to law enforcement. In 2503, he was contracted by a wealthy individual on Bellerophon called Cain Stephenson who wanted him to track down a couple who had sold him, what he believed to be, vintage jazz records from Earth-That-Was, that were in fact fakes.

Elias tracked down the woman, Temperance Jones, and demanded she pay back the money. She suggested that they find "some other way" to settle the situation; Elias accepted.

In his version of events, Alias claims that Temperance arrived at his apartment and the two had sex. Afterwards, she went to make coffee and requested his help to find mugs. Upon entering the kitchen, she clobbered him and pressed his face against a hot-plate. He was admitted to hospital with third-degree burns and vowed to get revenge; though by the time he was discharged, Temperance and her partner had already left Bellerophon. He left his old life behind and headed for the Rim, where he smuggled military-grade armaments but his scar made him too recognizable to authorities. He travelled further out into the Black, where he claimed to have joined up with the Reavers for a time before leaving to settle on Thetis.

He changed his name to Elias Vandal, quickly gaining a reputation as a dangerous individual. In 2515, he was arrested in the town of Brownvale for killing a man who made fun of his face. Here he met Shem Bancroft, his cellmate, who he pretended to strangle to get the sheriff and deputy's attention. After dispatching of the two law enforcers, Vandal robbed Brownvale's shops, torched parts of the town, killed eight men and tortured the women. He and Shem went on to harass other towns throughout the county, quickly gaining a following of disreputable individuals from every town they came across. Vandal later named his new gang of raiders the Scourers.

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