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Elmira Atadema was a bondswoman to Hunter Covington and a confidential informant for Mika Wong.[1]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Elmira grew up on Persephone with her parents on their family estate; the Atadema Estate. During the Unification War, the estate was raised to the ground by a Browncoat battalion. Her parents died of starvation soon after. Starving herself and desperate for money, Elmira offered herself to Hunter Covington as his bondswoman, living with him at his mansion.

Some time after, she managed to escape from Covington's mansion and fled to the Eavesdown Docks. A bounty was put on her, becoming a wanted fugitive on Persephone.

Current Day[edit | edit source]

Elmira was approached by Mika Wong, a former Alliance commander, who offered to pay off her bond in exchange for acting as an informant for him; to uncover Covington's suspected ties to a Browncoat vigilante group on Persephone, and what their plans were.

On her way to meet with Mika and share important information with him about the vigilante's plans, Elmira was captured by Covington's men the day before Alliance Day. She was brought back to Covington's mansion where she was beaten and chained in his stable-barn.

She was rescued the next day by Shepherd Book, Inara, Simon and River, who tracked her using a subdermal tracking implant Mika implanted in her. After the crew of Serenity rescued Mal from the vigilantes, leading to the death of Covington in the process, Elmira was released from her bond.

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