All articles must be based on objective canon. It excludes fanfic, webcomics, and other unlicensed works. Noncanon material can be discussed but the distinction has to be very sharp, and canon materials take priority. We need to ensure that nonofficial information cannot be mistaken for official information. Here's what we consider canon:

The Firefly canon consists of all Firefly-related works that are created with direct input from Joss Whedon. The canon currently consists of (in chronological story order):

Also included are the three official companion books written by Whedon, and any comments from Whedon himself pertaining to the story or history of the show.

Other elements may be taken into consideration, but not treated as true canon. This includes:

  • The Serenity novelization
  • The Serenity RPG

Theories worked out on discussion forums are not canon, but are fanon and should be avoided, unless the topic is about fans.

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