"Our job is to craft stories that will be exciting and rewarding for Firefly fans that have been with these characters from the beginning, but also to introduce it to a new audience. We want to cement Firefly as a pop-culture touchstone, enduring yet modern, in the tradition of other perennial sci-fi epics that are still teaching us about ourselves."
BOOM! Studios editor Jeanine Schaefer[src]
Firefly (comic series)
Firefly Comic1
Publication date November 14, 2018
Published by BOOM! Studios
Creative Team
Written by Greg Pak
Joss Whedon (story consultant)

Firefly is a comic book series published by BOOM! Studios, released on November 14, 2018 along with Firefly: Legacy Edition: Book One, which collects earlier comics under one cover that were published by Dark Horse Comics. The series was created by writer Greg Pak, artist Dan McDaid, and Joss Whedon as story consultant.[1]

The comic series depicts the first meeting between Malcolm Reynolds and Zoë Alleyne, along with their time in the Unification War. In the aftermath of the war, the two find themselves hunted by a group called the Unificators.[2]



The variant cover of the first issue appears to show Mars (despite Mars being light years from the 'Verse).

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