Firefly Online Gameplay Trailer 1 If I Were a Captain

Firefly Online Gameplay Trailer 1 If I Were a Captain

Firefly Online was a strategic role-playing video game being developed for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android platforms. The Mac and Windows versions would have been available through Steam. It was being developed by Spark Plug Games and Quantum Mechanix.

The MMORPG is based on the 2002-'03 Fox Television's Firefly franchise. The game was originally scheduled for a Summer 2014 release but was pushed back to Spring 2015 after the announcement that a dozen actors from Firefly had or would be recording dialogue for the game.[1] On February 23, 2015, Wil Wheaton announced that he would be recording lines as the male avatar for the player.[2]

Tim Earls, designer of the Firefly-class transport ship and most of the ships in the series, as well as lead set designer on the Serenity film, designed the Kepler. It is a transport ship created exclusively for the game. This was initially a bonus available only to players who bought an early-access premium package called "Founders of The Verse". That package has been discontinued, but the ship would have become the starter vessel for all players who registered for an account before the end of August 2014.[3]

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The Development of Firefly Online seems to have ended with no finished product. Much to the dismay of the Firefly community. The first issues began back in 2015 when the developer announced they would no longer be updating their Facebook page. This combined with banning likes and comments in protest to this fact have compounded the issue further. It should be noted that the website: is no longer accepting traffic.

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