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General Plans and Schematics

Cruise liner


1 million credits

Ship length

397 feet

Ship width

160 feet

Ship height

52 feet

Maximum payload

800 tons

Fuel capacity

600 tons (1,200 hours)

Crew capacity
Passenger capacity
  • 43 double cabins
  • 3 VIP suites
Carried vessels

The Floating World Class cruise liner was a model of starship that plied the starlanes of the Verse, transporting passengers in relative comfort.


Deck 1

Deck 2

Deck 3

Deck 4

Deck 5


Vessels of the Floating World Class sailed a prescribed route through the systems of the Verse, usually taking their time and allowing their passengers to enjoy the journey. The passengers could enjoy the various shipboard facilities, and take in the sights of the Verse as the ship continued on its round. Generally, the ship would only stop at planets long enough to take on food and supplies, allow passengers to see the "exotic" sights of the current planet they were visiting, allow passengers to embark or debark as needed, and to change entertainment troupes.


Known ships

Behind the scenes