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Francis Gaylord Proffington, better known by his alias "Franco DeSalvo," which he preferred to use, was a gambler and a gunslinger who traveled aboard CanTankerous in an attempt to earn money and help out his once-rich family that was living in poverty. A tough combatant, DeSalvo was brought aboard CanTankerous mainly due to his fighting skills.


Francis Gaylord Proffington was a man born into a rich family, but then his family lost everything. Feeling the need to raise money and help his relatives, Proffington—using the alias "Franco DeSalvo"—spent the years of the Unification War gambling on card games on the Rim, circumventing the laws of either side of the conflict. After the war, while he was on the planet Persephone, DeSalvo came aboard CanTankerous, a modified Alliance Landing Ship for Tanks captained by Ming-Mei Kowalski, after the ship's crew ran into a local Tong and some extra firepower was required. The only person aboard CanTankerous who was aware of DeSalvo's real name was the ship's pilot, Colin Fulton, but he kept that information secret from everyone else.

Personality and traitsEdit

Ugly and intense-looking, DeSalvo was hard to get to know. He was suspicious of people at first, but he eventually softened, although he tried not to show the latter part of his personality. Usually dressed in a wide-brimmed black hat and a black duster, DeSalvo had a very memorable appearance. He was very dedicated to his family, intent on earning some money to help them, and things started to look bright for him after he joined the crew of CanTankerous. During his travels, he preferred to use his alias, keeping his real name secret. He was a gambler, spending the entire war hustling cards.

DeSalvo had a high tolerance for drugs and alcohol, possessed good memory and quick reflexes and knew how to handle himself in combat situations. He was overconfident, and this confidence led him to purposefully leave signature clues on the scenes of his crimes, so that others could identify his work. He was skilled in both unarmed combat and the use of various weapons, and had some basic piloting skills. Among DeSalvo's possessions were an assault rifle, a shotgun, a pistol, a combat knife, and a ballistic mesh.

Behind the scenesEdit

Franco DeSalvo was created for Six-Shooters & Spaceships, a supplement for the Serenity Role Playing Game written by Lynn Blackson and Jason Durall and published on April 29, 2009. An illustration of DeSalvo was included in the book, drawn by Lindsay Archer.