"Fruity Oaty Bars, make a man out of a mouse. Fruity Oaty Bars, make you bust out of your blouse"
―Advertisement, shown in the Maidenhead[src]

Fruity Oaty Bars advert

Fruity Oaty Bars were a manufactured foodstuff. The advertisement for Fruity Oaty Bars shown in the Maidenhead was just one of many carriers for a subliminal Alliance signal intended to seek out River Tam after her escape from their experiments.

Due to the scarcity of fresh produce, it is unclear whether they were made from real fruit and oats, or merely made from artificial proteins and flavorings, as with most of the food.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

An easter egg featurette can be found on the Region 2 and 4 DVD by pressing left when 'Play' is highlighted. Not only does this give a brief 'Making of', but also shows the advertisement in full. This can also be found in the limited edition Blu-ray version.

The full trailer features the logo of the Blue Sun Corporation, but is not seen in Serenity itself.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Fruity oaty bars
Make a man out of a mouse
Fruity oaty bars
Make you bust out of your blouse
Eat them all the time
Let them blow your mind
Wǒ hěn jiāo nián diūliǎn wǒ méiyǒu chī Fruity Oaty Bar!ˆ
Fruity oaty bars
Fruity oaty bars

ˆThis translates to roughly, "I am/feel so ashamed, I haven't eaten fruity oaty bars". (我很胶粘丢脸我没有吃)

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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