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{{Titleicons|film|comic|rpg}}{{Moon infobox|2 = Haven|lunarID = S/2164(Deadwood)01|planet = [[Deadwood]]|terraformed = [[Timeline|2400]]|diameter = 3,012km|mass = 3.386x10<sup>20</sup> tonnes|gravity = 1.0141G|orbit = 184,512km|period (days) = 13.10|population = 78,000|affiliation = [[Union of Allied Planets]]}}'''Haven''' is the first [[moon]] of [[Deadwood]] in the [[Blue Sun system]]. '''S/2164(Deadwood)01''' was discovered in [[Timeline|2164]].
The home of [[Shephard Book]], who left the crew during the events of the comic book series entitled [[Serenity: Those Left Behind]], and where he resided in the movie. It was also a place of refuge for the Serenity crew.
It was the final home of [[Derrial Book|Shepherd Book]] after he left the crew of ''[[Serenity]]''. It was also a place of refuge for the ''Serenity'' crew.
[[Category: Planets and Moons]]
*Haven refers to a shelter.
*''[[Serenity: Those Left Behind]]''
*''[[Serenity (film)|Serenity]]''
*''[[Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale]]''
*''[[Big Damn Heroes Handbook]]''
[[Category:Moons of the Blue Sun system]]
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