There's a market for discreet, no-questions-asked courier service from the Rim to the Core and everywhere in between, and William Cross is a major player in that market. His ship, Huntingdon's Bolt, is never in the same place twice, and it's frequently toting some VIP or another to a rendezvous. Their base is a Buddhist monastery,and some folks say that the peace loving monks finance 'em in part, even if that contribution barely covers the cost of fuel cells.

Captain Cross is fearless, and his small crew-security specialist Pradeep Dahwan, top-notch assistant Chaim Kaludawaje, and the companion known only as Priscilla - are just as unfazed by the work. Of course, Cross is keeping more than his fair share of secrets, including knowing where the bodies are buried. There's folk ad wants to get their hands on this knowledge, and interested parties who'd love to have Cross' passenger listed posted to the Cortex at large. Nobody ever said the diplomatic courier business was easy, but the crew of the Bolt could sure convince a fellow otherwise.

Source: Serenity role playing game

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