I.A.V. Cortez
General Plans and Schematics

Iskellian Technology Solutions
Tohoku-class cruiser


Union of Allied Planets


500,000,000 Credits

Ship length

1,200 feet

Ship width

1,000 feet

Ship height

2,500 feet

Fuel capacity

55,000 tons

Crew capacity

40 (minimum)

Passenger capacity


Carried vessels

Two squadrons of Alliance Short Range Enforcement Vessel

The I.A.V. Cortez was a Tohoku-class cruiser that Derrial Book was an officer on. His duty was to oversee an event that could possibly end the Unification War, but tragically resulted in the destruction of the I.A.V. Alexander instead; all 4000 crew members aboard the Alexander lost their lives.

Book's level of responsibility in the matter of the incident led him to be discharged from the Alliance and forced off the Cortez.

Mika Wong, a retired commander, also served aboard the Alexander and was present when Book was removed from duty.

Possibly prior to this event one Browncoat Staff Sergeant Hope Claypool was taken aboard over Greenleaf for interrogation.

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