Isis canyon

Isis canyon is one of the largest and loneliest stretches of desert on the planet of Bellerophon.

When the crew of Serenity performed a heist on the Bellerophon states, Kaylee Frye reprogrammed a computerized waste disposal bin to drop off their hidden booty (the Lassiter, which was stored in the waste) within the canyon, which was the loneliest piece of land Hoban Washburne could find on the planet.

Saffron, loyal only to herself, left Malcolm Reynolds naked on the plains and flew to Isis canyon to take the Lassiter for herself. Not long after, she was tricked and locked in the waste bin by Inara Serra, who played Saffron from the start.


  • Isis is the Egyptian goddess of magic, motherhood, fertility, sister-wife of Osiris, and mother of Horus (in most traditions). Given the fertility role, presumably the naming is ironic.


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