Kaylee Frye loves people, the life of adventure being aboard Serenity provides, and strawberries. She sees the good in people and can see the bright side of almost any situation -- a valuable quality given the job's Serenity's crew takes on. But Kaylee isn't around for her sunny disposition -- she's a brillany mechanic, and about the only person in the 'verse capable of keeping Serenity flying with the limited resources at hand. Her love for the quirky ship is unconditional, and Kaylee considers Serenity home. - From The Official Serenity Website

Early Life and Introduction to Serenity

Born Kaywinnet Lee Frye, Kaylee has apparently always had an affinity with machines. On her home planet, she would often assist her father in repairing things. When Serenity set down there for repairs, she encountered the ship's mechanic, Bester. When he learned that "engines make her hot", he brought her aboard for an intimate encounter, which was interrupted by Captain Malcolm Reynolds. When she proved that she could, within seconds, diagnose and fix the engine problem that had Bester stumped for days, Mal made a quick decision to dump him and take Kaylee on in his stead.

Behind the Scenes

Kaylee is portrayed by actor Jewel Staite in the television series Firefly and on the motion picture Serenity.

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