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Lund was a pro-Alliance patron in an Alliance-friendly bar on a small moon during the sixth annual Unification Day. Also at this bar was Malcolm Reynolds, who was there to receive contact information by a dancer to meet with his next client, Adelai Niska. Lund attracted everyone's attention by loudly demanding to make a toast. He celebrated Unification Day and grossly insulted those who supported Independence movement, which angered Mal. The captain then asked for another drink by approaching the bar, standing next to Lund. The drunk barfly immediately noticed Mal's brown coat, the trademark of the Independents, and repeatedly insulted him. Zoë, also a former Independent, snuck up behind Lund and struck him across the face for his behavior.

The beating of Lund aroused the other Alliance-friendly patrons, and a large brawl ensued. Mal, Zoë, and Jayne Cobb fought the group until they were cornered near a precipitous cliff outside the bar. When Lund finally came outside, he was armed with a Wildey Magnum pistol, and threatened to kill them. However, he and the other bar patrons were stunned when Hoban Washburne flew Serenity to the cliff's edge, rising behind the endangered crew members, and delivered an empty threat to "blow another crater in this little moon" (Serenity is an unarmed vessel). Lund and the others believed the threat, and turned in defeat back to the bar.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lund was portrayed by Tom Towles.


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