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Union of Allied Planets[1]

McGinnis was a high-ranking federal marshal of the Union of Allied Planets stationed in or near Saint Lucy's hospital on Ariel.

Agent McGinnis was tipped off by Serenity crew member Jayne Cobb, who wished to turn in Simon Tam and River Tam in return for the large reward. Jayne planned to betray the pair during one of the crew's most lucrative jobs, the infiltration of Saint Lucy's hospital. Jayne contacted McGinnis at the hospital; the agent assured him of the reward, and Jayne assured him that the "fugitives" were present. Although Jayne had second thoughts and attempted to escape with the siblings, McGinnis and his team of marshals arrived and apprehended them. McGinnis then made it clear that he was arresting Jayne as well, in order to keep the reward for himself. When Jayne charged McGinnis, one of the marshals knocked him to the ground with a non-lethal blast from a sonic rifle.

In a security outpost deep inside the hospital, McGinnis and his marshals heard River "spewing gibberish" and copied it down. He then had a tense moment with Simon, who recognized that he was an "important" federal agent, with superiors who were keeping close tabs on the arrest. McGinnis angrily sent the three away with two guards.

As McGinnis and his marshals finished the paperwork, they were approached by their superiors, two blue-gloved men. McGinnis asked Bobby to bring the paperwork and chattily described the "processing" of the three fugitives. When he mentioned that River had spoken to them, one of the blue-gloved men retrieved a strange sonic device, and activated it, emitting an increasingly loud sound. While the device hummed, the men smiled genially, asked a few short questions, and fell silent. McGinnis eyed the unexplained device with curiosity, but began to notice that he was now bleeding from his nose and cuticles. After a moment, he choked in agony, hemorrhaging profusely from the eyes, ears, and mouth. The entire staff of marshals present died with McGinnis in the same manner. Elsewhere, Jayne and the Tams had clobbered their guards and fled the sound of the shrieking marshals, making a successful escape.

Behind the scenesEdit

Agent McGinnis was portrayed by Blake Robbins.

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