Mika Wong
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Silvery grey


Union of Allied Planets commander (retired)



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I.A.V. Cortez


Union of Allied Planets

Mika Wong is a retired Alliance commander who lives in Persephone City on the planet Persephone.[1]

Military Career[edit | edit source]

Mika Wong was a Commander on the I.A.V. Cortez during the Unification War. He was head of the Alliance's Anti-Terrorism Division, tasked with routing out and dispatching Browncoat terrorists on the Central Planets.

After the war, Mika continued to serve in the Alliance navy, until he was forced into retirement, due to changes in military policy.

Retirement[edit | edit source]

After retirement, Mika settled down on Persephone with his military pension. He began to suppliment his pension with protection money from businesses in Eavesdown. Soon he made enough money to afford a private house in Persephone City, the wealthy district of Persephone. His home boasted a stunning view of the city, looking out to the "cultivated gardens hanging between silvery sky-rises".

Even in retirement, Mika continued to keep an eye on Browncoat activity. He built up a directory of informants in Eavesdown, incuding a clerk at the quartermaster's HQ called "Smotrich", and a waitress at the Sea Wolf Tavern called "Saskia". At some point he discovered a group of Browncoat vigilantes operating on Persephone. He believed these vigilantes to be working with Hunter Covington, a powerful individual known to the criminal element of Eavesdown. Mika came across a young woman called Elmira Atadema, Covington's missing bondswoman who had a bounty on her. He offered to pay off her bond to him, if she returned to Covington and became a confidential informant to him on Covington's dealings with the vigilantes.

Mika was due to meet with Elmira the day before Alliance Day, however she never arrived at the rendezvous. Using the subdermal tracking implant he had fitted on her as a precaution, he was able to pin-point her location as Covington's mansion. Book, with the help of the crew of Serenity, managed to rescue Elmira from Covington's mansion and free her from her bond.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Derrial Book[edit | edit source]

Mika Wong knew Shepherd Book from his time in the military, being Book's superior officer. Both men served on the I.A.V. Cortez together and was there when Book was, "...shafted over the Alexander disaster", the event that led to his discharge from the military.

Mika had great respect for Book, stating that despite being his superior officer he "looked up to [Book]".

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