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"Damn you, Bridget! Damn you tah Hades! You broke my heart in a million pieces! You made me love you, and then y—I SHAVED MY BEARD FOR YOU, DEVIL WOMAN!"

Monty was a long-time colleague of Malcolm Reynolds who also fought on the side of the Independents in the Unification War. At some point he was captured by Alliance troops on Beylix before the war ended. Monty was an extremely large, (Zoë referred to him as a "sasquatch") mostly genial and good-natured man. He was known among his friends for wearing a thick beard and mustache, however, he shaved the beard off for his wife, "Bridget", who turned out to be the con-woman Saffron. Monty quickly left her after learning about Saffron's identity and that she said Mal's name before he even told her. Monty apparently had a formidable reputation as a brawler; when Kaylee asked if Mal got into a fight with him (due to wounds from his scuffle with Saffron), Zoe noted that if he had, the crew would be down in the dirt picking up Mal's teeth. He was apparently very popular with Serenity's crew, as evidenced by Kaylee saying, "We all loved Monty."

Monty may have been killed by the Operative to prevent the Serenity crew from finding any kind of shelter. Mal discovered that many of his contacts were murdered when he summoned their live video feeds.


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