Newtech referred to advanced technologies commonly found on the core worlds or with the more affluent people in the border worlds. Such items as laser and sonic weaponry, Capture, Dreamcoat, cloning and Blastomere organs, ceramic polymers, ultra-miniaturization, Tractor beams, Trigger Lock and the like were considered newtech. In general, newtech devices were more expensive than their standard counterparts, smaller and lighter, and were more reliable in routine conditions. They were often restricted or illegal outside government or corporate possession. The most visible examples of newtech to the average person were in the hands of the Alliance military, but it would be a mistake to assume the military was the largest user of newtech, or that they used the most advanced newtech available.

Behind the scenesEdit

The term is used by Badger in the episode "Shindig", during his brief palaver with Mal and Jayne. He refers to "new tech gun scanners" which we see in operation when William and Lady Courtland enter the ball and the gun scanner detect his pistol, which a doorman takes and keeps. The term is elaborated upon in the Serenity Role Playing Game.



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