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The Firefly series of novels started in 2018 with the release of Firefly - Big Damn Hero. They are published by London-based Titan Books under license from Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products (which, since the purchase of the majority of Twentieth Century Fox's assets by The Walt Disney Company, has been folded into Disney Consumer Products). Joss Whedon is credited as consulting editor for the entire series in release to date. According to an article in Entertainment Weekly dated February 8, 2018, the stories are considered canon by Whedon.

List of Firefly novels[]

Title Author(s) Hardcover
Release Date
Release Date
Firefly - Big Damn Hero James Lovegrove, from an original story by Nancy Holder 11/20/2018 2/4/2020 Between Firefly - Carnival and Firefly - What Makes Us Mighty
Firefly - The Magnificent Nine James Lovegrove 3/19/2019 (UK), 3/26/2019 (US) 8/25/2020 (UK), 9/1/2020 (US) Between Objects in Space and Firefly - Generations
Firefly - The Ghost Machine James Lovegrove 4/28/2020 (US) 1, 6/15/2020 (UK) 4/20/2021 (UK), 5/4/2021 (US) Between Serenity: Those Left Behind and Firefly - Life Signs
Firefly - Generations Tim Lebbon 11/3/2020 (US), 11/6/2020 (UK) 9/14/2021 Between Firefly - The Magnificent Nine and Serenity: Those Left Behind
Firefly - Life Signs James Lovegrove 3/16/2021 (US), 4/15/2021 (UK) 9/6/2022 2 Between Firefly - The Ghost Machine and Serenity
Firefly - Carnival Una McCormack 12/14/21 (US), 1/18/2022 (UK) 1/10/2023 (US), UK: unknown 2 Between The Message and Firefly - Big Damn Hero
Firefly - What Makes Us Mighty M. K. England 6/28/2022 (US), UK: unknown 2 Not yet scheduled 2 Between Firefly - Big Damn Hero and Heart of Gold
Firefly - Coup de Grâce Una McCormack July 25, 2023 (US) Not yet scheduled Between Objects in Space and Firefly - Generations
  1. This book was also released in a Barnes & Noble exclusive edition - this version had a blue dust jacket, an additional short story ("Haven and Hell," by James Lovegrove) and four recipes which were left out of The Big Damn Cookbook.
  2. Release of this edition is still pending.