General Plans and Schematics

Odyssey-class space liner[1]


Jamison Meriwether[1]


Odin Line[1]


100,000 credits[1]

Maintenance costs

28,800 credits per year[1]

Maximum weight

8,525 tons[1]

Cargo capacity

400 tons[1]

Fuel capacity

341 tons (1,200 hours)[1]

Crew capacity
  • 4 officers[1]
  • 12 spacers[1]
  • 20 service crew[1]
  • 20 croupiers[1]
  • 20 keepers[1]
Passenger capacity
  • 20 double cabins[1]
  • 20 holding cells[1]
  • 4 VIP suites[1]

A hidden pop-up turret with 10 short-range 50-pound missiles[1]

Carried vessels

14 Standard 20-ton shuttles[1]

Other equipment

Full Cortex broadcast facilities[1]

The OddEasy was a modified Odyssey-class space liner owned by Jamison Meriwether. It was a casino ship that also hosted the illegal fighting tournament known as the Circuit.


The OddEasy was an old Odin Line Odyssey-class space liner, a very popular model of space liner.[1]

Inside it supported a crew of four officers, 12 spacers, 20 service crew, 20 croupiers, and 20 keepers. The ship housed its crew in its 37 double cabins and two single cabins. In addition to this, it could house passengers in 20 double cabins, 20 holding cells, and 4 VIP suites.[1]


The OddEasy was originally called Odyssey. Jamison Meriwether, a former pit fighter who turned to betting on matches rather than fighting in them, poured all his money into purchasing the derelict liner. Meriwether bought the ship with the knowledge that there was an audience for an even more violent form of pit fighting. He refurbished it specifically to host the illegal fighting tournament known as the Circuit.[1]

While there were many stories surrounding why Meriwether called his ship the OddEasy, the real reason was that Meriwether, who had never been book-smart, did not know how to spell "Odyssey" when he re-registered the ship. In a flash of inspired creativity, he came up with the name OddEasy.[1]

The casino ship became a booming enterprise and was famous as the home of the Circuit. Meriwether made sure to keep the OddEasy's activities just within the law whenever he was in Alliance space. As a result, the authorities were unable to pin anything on him or the OddEasy.[1]



Behind the scenesEdit

The OddEasy was first mentioned in Six-Shooters & Spaceships, a supplement to the Serenity Role Playing Game that was released on April 29, 2009. The book was written by Lynn Blackson and Jason Durall. The name of the ship is itself a play on 'Odyssey'.


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