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  • "Have you got an encyclopedia?" "Dangran. [Of course.]" - Simon responds to Book's request.
  • "Ni bu gouge, ni hunqiu. [You don't deserve her, you fink.]" - Kaylee to Mal after he insults Saffron.
  • "Guan ni ziji de shi. [Mind your own business.]" - Mal's immediate response to Kaylee.
  • "I would appreciate it if someone on this boat would not assume that I'm an evil lecherous hundan [bastard]." - Mal.
  • "Is that cider?" "By the stove." "Yum. I'll get you a refill, hundan [bastard]." - Wash curses Mal behind his back.
  • "Daxiang baozhashi de laduzi! [The explosive diarrhea of an elephant!]" - Mal, when Jayne proposes a trade: Vera for Saffron.
  • "Just 'cause you got handed to me by some hundan [bastard] couldn't pay off his debts don't make you beholden to me." - Mal to Saffron.
  • "Wo de ma he ta de fengkuang de waisheng dou! [Holy mother of God and all her wacky nephews!]" - Wash curses as Saffron tries to seduce him.
  • "Renci de Fozu... [Merciful Buddha...]" - Inara, when she realizes Mal is still alive.
  • "My man would never fall for that jianhuo [cheap floozy]." - Zoë.
  • "Jingcai. [Brilliant.]" - Wash, when he finds Serenity has been sabotaged.
  • "Did she signal anybody?" "Uh... Deng yi miao. [Hold on a second.] She did." - Mal, then Wash.

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