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  • "It's a piece of feiwu [junk]." "Feiwu? [Junk?]" - Zoë and Mal talk about Serenity.
  • "Qu ni de. [Screw you.]" - Wash curses Mal when the captain demands he leave his injuried wife to get to work.
  • "What the gui [hell, demon] do you two think you're doing, fighting at a time like this? You'll use up all the air." - Jayne.
  • "Gausaang haitung guzoeng. Gimcaa jeonghei gungjing. [Cantonese: Life support failure. Check oxygen levels at once.]" - Serenity. Repeated several times.
  • "What in the name of suoyou de5 dou shidang... [all that's proper...]" - Mal walks in on Bester and Kaylee in the engine room.
  • "Sorry, Captain. I'm real sorry. I shoulda kept better care of her. Usually she lets me know when something's wrong. Maybe she did, I just wasn't paying attention..." "I cannot be having this from you right now. We got work to do. Dong ma? [Understand?]" - Kaylee, then Mal.
  • "Billy, get this plugged in. Jesse, call Stern over here. You and him'll pilot this pile of goushi [dog crap] out of here." - The pirate captain instructs his crew on making off with Serenity.

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