Regan Tam
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Regan Tam is the mother of Simon and River Tam, and the wife of Gabriel Tam.

Regan was a socialite, attending many high-class events with her husband Gabriel, but loved her children and supported them both. She was proud of Simon's work as an exceptional doctor and supported River's choice to attend an Alliance-funded academy for the extremely gifted. Regan and her husband were completely blind to the changes in River's personality as revealed in her letters to the family. She refused to believe Simon's idea that River was communicating in a hidden code to get help. Regan strongly believed that River was merely playing one of her complicated games, and assured Simon that he would be with River again in just a few months. Simon cut himself off from his parents permanently, and then carried out a very dangerous rescue for his tortured sister without any help from Gabriel or Regan. There is no suggestion or evidence of the Tams attempting to contact their fugitive offspring.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Regan Tam was portrayed by Isabella Hofmann.

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