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Roland Aloysius Sharpe

Admiral Roland Aloysius Sharpe was a senior officer in the Londinium Navy before the Alliance Parliament put all military forces under a unified chain of command. Sharpe retired, refusing to serve the new Parliament of the Union of Allied Planets. Admiral Sharpe was the senior naval officer for the Independent Planets Space Navy.

During the Unification War, Sharpe was one of the key individual who turned the independent rebels into a fighting force able to resist the vastly superior Alliance for five years. He led the small independent Navy throughout the war from the command of his flagship the Freedom's Glory. An assassination attempt was made on him just prior to ceasefire talks, and this forced him to run.

At the end of the war, the Freedom's Glory was captured, but Sharpe and her crew disappeared. Since he did not show up for the amnesty hearings, he and his crew were still listed as wanted fugitives. Since that time he has lived as an out law with a 25,000 credit bounty on his head. For several years, Sharpe has suffered from a serious fungal lung infection. For six years, Admiral Sharpe has been on the run with his aide Saul Potter and two bodyguards Jerome Budge and Brutus Hancock. Sharpe and his men have been living off the sympathy of former Browncoats or just simple folks who can give them what little they have. After losing his ship Freedom's Glory at the end of the war, Admiral Sharpe found out that it was to be scrapped on the moon of Pegasus. Admiral Sharpe plans on retrieving the Freedom's Glory and head out into the Black.


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