The Sea Wolf Tavern is a drinking establishment in Eavesdown, near the docks. It is described as being one of the "classier establishments" in the city, though still being located in its "seamier depths".[1]

The tavern itself is modelled after stereotypical sailor taverns from centuries ago on "Earth-That-Was". The entrance to the tavern is decorated with a pseudo-antique mermaid masthead with its arms out-wide and bosom prominently on display.

The inside is that of a typical tavern with a bar, tables and chairs. From the ceiling hangs fishing floats and nets, further cementing the "sailor" theme.

The waiting staff are entirely women, who wear huge amounts of make-up on their faces. Their uniforms are akin to stereotypical pirate costumes, compete with low-cut frilly blouses.

Mika Wong, a retired Alliance commander, frequents the Sea Wolf Tavern (as he runs a protection racket in Eavesdown and collects payment from the owner). He also has informants within the tavern, including a waitress called Saskia.

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