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Serenity: The Other Half
Publication date August, 2008
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Creative Team
Written by Jim Krueger
Penciller(s) Will Conrad
Colorist(s) Julius Ohta

Serenity: The Other Half is an 8-page comic in Issue 13 of the online MySpace Dark Horse Presents. It was written by Jim Krueger and penciled by Will Conrad.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Malcolm Reynolds, Jayne Cobb and Zoë Alleyne Washburne are protecting a stagecoach from Reaver attack, while attempting to escort a client back to Serenity. Simon and River Tam are with their client, who has been injured during the attack, trying to stabilize him. During the attack, River senses that the man is not a simple paying client, but is an Alliance agent who tracks smugglers by tricking his way aboard unsuspecting ships. As Simon is knocked unconscious by a Reaver attack, the agent begins to suspect who the two taking care of him are, and turns a weapon on River. Sensing his motive, River kills him in turn as Serenity arrives and rescues the crew. As the crew board Serenity, Mal, aware that something transpired in the stagecoach confides in River the real reason he put her in the coach with the agent. He didn't trust him, and sensed something wasn't right…because people rarely ever pay half up front for a job. He then welcomes her to the crew.

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Although no exact timeframe is set for this adventure, the absence of both Derrial Book and Inara Serra could indicate that it is set after the events of Serenity: Those Left Behind, but before the events of Serenity.

Although Serenity is out of frame when it apparently fires on the Reaver ships, Firefly-class transport ships are known to have a lack of on-board weaponry, so it is unclear how or what Wash fired on the ships to destroy them as depicted.

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