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Serenity (comic)
Serenity Cover
Publication date May 5, 2012 [1]
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Creative Team
Written by Zack Whedon
Penciller(s) Fabio Moon
Inker(s) Fabio Moon
Colorist(s) Cris Peter
Cover artist(s) Daniel Dos Santos
Serenity: Float Out
Serenity: Leaves on the Wind

Serenity is a comic set in the Firefly universe, after the events of Serenity. This comic was released in a Free Comic Book Day comic on May 6, 2012, released by Dark Horse Comics and paired with a Star Wars story and half of a preview of Alabaster: Wolves.


In the comic, Zoe leads the crew instead of Mal to pick up a shipment. After the crew leaves, a shifty-looking man appears, riding a horse. Mal goes ouside to greet him after he stops his horse and gets off outside Serenity. Although the man, who tells Mal his name is Frosty, inquires about purchasing the ship, Mal steadfastly says no. Seeing this, Frosty instead asks Mal for a ride in a manner similar to Sheppard Book's request for passage. Mal begins to tell Frosty the facilities of his ship. However, as soon as Mal turns his back, Frosty fumbles around in his jacket, pulling out a gun and threatening Mal, as Frosty wants the ship. Mal reacts calmly and tells him to put the gun away, but is shot in the arm. Suddenly, River appears and deftly disarms and knocks out Frosty. The crew returns and all react differently to the scene (Mal appears to be lying on the ground, bleeding; River stands near him, with a gun; and Frosty lays on the floor, disarmed and unconscious) : Simon worries that River has shot Mal; Zoe easily guesses that Mal was "provoked mightily"; Jayne laughs at Mal; and Kaylee and Inara worry ("Cap's shot") . After the commotion, the crew board Serenity and Mal orders Jayne to take Frosty's horse as a form of payback for shooting Mal. The comic ends as Kaylee clears Serenity for takeoff, Simon watches River happily ride the horse, and Mal and Zoe discuss how River will save him "from time to time."

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