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The official '''''[[Serenity (ship)|Serenity]]'' Blueprints''' were drafted by [[Geoffrey Mandel]] (Graphic Designer, ''[[Serenity (film)|Serenity]]'') and [[Timothy M. Earls]] (Illustrator, ''[[Firefly]]'', Set Designer, ''Serenity'') for [[QMx]] and [[Universal Studios]].
The official '''''[[Serenity (ship)|Serenity]]'' Blueprints''' were drafted by [[Geoffrey Mandel]] (Graphic Designer, ''[[Serenity (film)|Serenity]]'') and [[Timothy M. Earls]] (Illustrator, ''[[Firefly]]'', Set Designer, ''Serenity'') for [[QMx]] and [[Universal Studios]].

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The official Serenity Blueprints were drafted by Geoffrey Mandel (Graphic Designer, Serenity) and Timothy M. Earls (Illustrator, Firefly, Set Designer, Serenity) for QMx and Universal Studios.

They were released in two editions, a set of ten poster-sized sheets (limited to 750 copies), and a 32 page booklet.

Official Serenity Blueprints

SER-004 Official Serenity Blueprints, ©2007 QMx. A ten sheet set, including the Shuttlecraft and the Mule, limited to 750 copies. Hand signed by Geoffrey Mandel and Timothy M. Earls.


  1. Port Outboard Profile
  2. Starboard Outboard Profile
  3. Bow Elevation & Stern Elevation
  4. Dorsal Surface Plan View
  5. Specifications & Ventral Surface Plan View
  6. Forward Cross-Section
  7. Aft Cross-Section
  8. Endo/Exo-Atmospheric Shuttle & Main Deck Plan
  9. MF-813 Flying Mule & Mid-Deck Plan
  10. Lower Deck Plan & Transverse Cross-Section

Serenity Blueprints Reference Pack

SER-010 Serenity Blueprints Reference Pack, ©2007 QMx. A 32 page booklet, of 11×17 inch pages, that reviews Serenity, as a now famous ship, sometime after the film. by Geoffrey Mandel, Timothy M. Earls, Andy Gore, and Ben Mund.

Contents by page
Part 1 – Serenity Blueprints: Drawn by Geoffrey Mandel and Timothy M. Earls
1. "Relics of the Saints", introduction by Orson Scard, Curator, Virtual Museum of Relic, Icon, and Tabu, Aries Commonwealth, Ezra
2. Serenity's bronze dedication plaque, thought to be a fake, since the ships first name was actually The Betty
3–12. Sheets 1–10 from the Blueprint Set
13. Sheet 11: Serenity Insignias
14. Sheet 12: Builders' Plaques – Allied Spacecraft Corporation, New Burbank, Osiris; Firefly Coach Works, Ltd., Osiris; Mandel & Earls, Ltd., Londinium; Firefly Ship Works, Ltd., Hera; Blue Sun Corporation, Sihnon & Osiris.
15. Sheet 13: Bridge Display Screens: Systems Status
16. Sheet 14: Bridge Display Screens: Proximity Scan
17. Sheet 15: Bridge Display Screens: Planetary Scan (Miranda)
18. Sheet 16: Bridge Display Screens: Celestial Navigation (showing the 5+ star cluster that is the "verse")
19. Sheet 17: Warning Labels
20. Sheet 18: Airtight Doors
21. Sheet 19: Endo/Exo-Atmospheric Shuttle – The Gold Crescent insignia on the shuttles is the interplanetary symbol used for medical and relief operations since the War of Unification. It is unknown if it was legitimately used on Serenity's shuttles.
22. Sheet 20: MF-813 Flying Mule
Part 2 – Historical Archives: Written by Andy Gore, Designed by Ben Mund
23. Firefly sales brochure cover from 2459
24. Doing the Job: How the Rim Was Won
25. ASC Transcript 12.10.2434 (about the Firefly Series 1)
26. Firefly Series 1: Exterior Views
27. Boost Your Boat 2512.10.08 (about the Firefly Series 2)
28. Firefly Series 2: Exterior Views
29. Honest Austin's Used Boats and Salvage: Yard Log Dates: 2517.06.27–28 (about Kaylee ordering a Mandel & Earls Catalyzer)
30. Firefly Series 3 Military Version: Exterior Views
31. ASC Secure Engineering Tablet 22.01.2513 (about the Firefly Series 4)
32. Firefly Series 4: Exterior Views
Back Cover: Advertisement highlighting 83 years of sales, and the Firefly Series 3.