Behind the Scenes

  • As the crew begin to wander through the streets of Persephone, a ship with an oval front section followed by two square sections lands in the background. This ship is the Starlight Intruder from the Star Wars graphic novel series "Dark Empire".

Mandarin Translation

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  • "Wei! [Hey!]" - Wright, when the pool balls flicker.
  • "Course they won't discover it till they go order their next round of drinks." "Wei! [Hey!]" "Good drinker, that one." - Mal, interjected by Wright, the slaver he has just robbed.
  • "I'll see you soon, baobei [sweetheart]." - Atherton to Inara.
  • "He's a quality gent. Nose in the air like he never wenguo pi [smelled a fart]." - Badger, speaking of Sir Warrick Harrow.
  • "I'm placing value in the fact that stick up your pigu [bottom] is about as large as the one Harrow's got." - Badger, to Mal.
  • "Laopengyou, ni kan qilai hen you jingshen. [You're looking wonderful, old friend.]" - Inara, to an elderly gentlemen at the ball.
  • "You belong here, Inara, not on that flying piece of goushi [dog crap]... What, piece of goushi? But it is a piece of goushi!" - Atherton.
  • "Oh, goushi [dog crap]!" - Inara, when she sees Mal arrive at the ball.
  • "Oh, xiexie [thank you], Captain!" - Kaylee, when Mal allows her to head to the buffet.
  • "You ought to see to your girl." "Shenme? [What?]" - Kaylee responds incredulously to Banning's statement.
  • "Cai bu shi. [No way.] The extenders ain't braced." - Kaylee, about the 80-04.
  • "This yuben de [stupid] duel is the result of the rules of your society, not mine!" - Mal to Inara.

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Cabott; Cortland, William; cow; Destra; Dyton; grape; Harrow, Warrick; Holder; Kaytree Pond; mango; Miller, Banning; Miss Persephone pangeant; Momsen, Cyrus; Murphy; Persephone; pool; Roberta; Santo; shimmerwine; strawberry; Wing, Atherton; wood alchohol; Wright; Zelle

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