Planet information
Sun orbited

White Sun[1]



Date terraformed



12,881 km[1]


5.987x1021 tonnes[1]


0.9802 gn[1]

Orbital position

3rd from primary[1]

Orbital distance

1,402,480,031 km (9.375 AU)[1]

Orbital periods

28.70 years
10,484 days[1]



Cities and towns





Union of Allied Planets

"Sihnon isn't that different from this planet. More crowded, obviously, and I guess more complicated. The great city itself is; pictures can't capture it. It's like an ocean of light."
Inara Serra

Sihnon poster

Sihnon is the third planet of the White Sun system, orbiting the White Sun. P/2027(White Sun)04 was discovered in 2027.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Sihnon is the seat of Eastern civilization in the Union of Allied Planets. It is here that many Registered Companions undergo their training in the spiritual and physical arts they are known for.[3] Sihnon is also home to Ching Shian University, a prestigious school (there is no better place to study Eastern philosophy, history, law or culture) that has alumni ranging from prime ministers to billionaire philanthropists. Sihnon, as learned in "Leaves on the Wind" is home to The Academy, the "school" where River Tam was taken by the government and experimented on.

Sihnon's preservationalist attitude has caused the government to restrict large vessel traffic to equatorial zones.

Along with its sister planet Londinium, it is amongst the most prominent of the Central Planets. Those who visit the planet often describe it as one of the most beautiful locations in the system, reaching a level of sophistication seldom seen throughout the 'Verse.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sinon helped design the Trojan Horse.
  • In the episode "Serenity," Inara pronounced Sihnon as SEE-non (with the "I" pronounced as a strong "E" and the emphasis on the first syllable), but in the episode "Heart of Gold," Nandi pronounced Sihnon as sih-NON (with the "I" pronounced as a soft "I" and the emphasis on the second syllable).
  • In the CoDominium series Sparta is the colony world for the United States and Europe. St. Ekaterina is the colony world for Russia and Asia. Londinium is the colony for the United States and Europe. Sihnon is the colony world for Asia.

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