Once Dr. Simon Tam had a promising surgical career in the Core Worlds and was sympathetic to the Alliance. Now, he lives with his younger sister River, her caretaker and the ship's reluctant doctor. Simon sacrificed everything to liberate River from an Alliance 'academy' that ran grotesque experiments on her and tampered with her brain. A federal fugitive now, he finds himself outside the law like all Serenity's others. The relationship between Simon and the crew is mutually beneficial, if occassionally awkward -- they frequently need patching up, and the Tams need to keep on the move. Simon has and will continue to do whatever it takes to keep River from further harm -- even if it means running for the rest of his life from the very government he used to support. - From The Official Serenity Website

Behind the Scenes

Simon is portrayed by actor Sean Maher in the television series Firefly and the motion picture Serenity.

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