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Six Sigma Asteroid Swarm
Asteroid Belt information
Belt ID




Inner boundary

259,678,926 km (1.736 AU)

Outer boundary

302,266,386 km (2.021 AU)

Average width

42,587,460 km (0.285 AU)

No. of Cataloged objects


The Six Sigma Asteroid Swarm (formerly "Pacifica") is the artificial asteroid belt of the protostar Penglai, in the Kalidasa system.

Discovered in 2042, S/2042(Penglai)04 was the fourth planet of the system, which was destroyed following a cataclysmic failed terraforming attempt, resulting in the creation of the Six Sigma Asteroid Swarm (A/2274(Kalidasa)k7f1y).


Ecotopia, a terraforming company, was tasked with terraforming Pacifica, which had a surface area larger than existing terraforming technology would allow. Ecotopia assigned a team to find ways to reduce Pacifica's crushing surface gravity. The team determined that a planet-sized gravity dampening field could aid in the gravity reduction process, though this was extremely experimental. During the rotation process (adjusting rotation to Earth standard and simulating seasonal change), it is speculated that the seismic activity became too much for the planet's crust to withstand, resulting in the destruction of the planet, four of its five moons and the Ecotopia terraforming station.

This embarrasing incident resulted in the renaming of the (now) asteroid belt by the Blue Sun PR division from "Pacifica" to the "Six Sigma Asteroid Swarm", which has since stretched to fill the orbitial region of the original planet.

Six Sigma is categorised as a Class III navigation hazard.