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Union of Allied Planets[1]

Skunk was a corrupt Alliance federal agent who worked as a mercenary on the side with Lt. Womack and Fendris. Their proper jurisdiction was the Silverhold Colonies, in the Silverhold System, but they abused their powers outside their jurisdiction to complete illegal jobs. One such client was an illegal organ smuggling enterprise. It was through this business that he encountered Tracey Smith, who was to be a courier. However, when Smith stole the organs he was meant to transport, Womack, Skunk, and Fendris tracked his "corpse" through the Allied postal system to a bustling space port where the post official Amnon worked. Womack and his two men docked their heavily-armed ASREV at the space port mere seconds after Serenity and her crew departed with Tracey's drugged—and seemingly lifeless—body.

While Womack intimidated the post official, Skunk checked for a coffin-sized crate, but found none. He shook his head to Womack to indicate this. Soon, he was asked to set Amnon on fire, so Skunk sprayed accelerant on him. He held the match until Womack blew it out as a final warning.

Skunk and Fendris flew with Womack, pursuing Serenity until they were able to board the ship on St. Albans. There, the three soon boarded the vessel to collect Tracey, but found themselves in a defenseless position, outnumbered in the low-ground surrounded by the well-armed Serenity crew. The lieutenant threatened them with arrest and eventually death, but the unarmed Shepherd Derrial Book calmly walked over and revealed that they discovered Womack's secret: he was working as a mercenary, about eight sectors outside his jurisdiction, because he never called the federal station 80 miles from where they were parked. Seeing that Tracey was suffering from lethal gunshot wounds, Womack finally walked away with Skunk and Fendris, stating "it was damaged goods anyhow".

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Skunk was played by Craig Vincent.

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