St. Albans
Planet information
Sun orbited

Red Sun[1]


Pi Gu

Date terraformed





5.883x1021 tonnes



Orbital position

7th from primary

Orbital distance

1,593,217,316km (10.650 AU)

Orbital periods

34.76 years
12,694 days






Union of Allied Planets

St. Albans is the seventh planet of the Red Sun system, orbiting the Red Sun. P/2027(Red Sun)04 was discovered in 2027.

One of the coldest planets in the 'Verse, it has a terrain that is almost entirely mountainous. What really makes St. Albans a whole lot of unpleasant is the gorram weather, for it snows almost continually. The entire planet is covered in drifts, even during what some laughingly call summer.

The people here are a hardy folk. The principal work is mining the world's rich mineral deposits. The Consortium's not interested, due to the harsh climate. The planet is divided into claims that the inhabitants prospect for whatever they can find. Theirs is a tough and lonely life, so the folk there have developed a very strong community. If you offend one of them, you have offended all of them. The reverse is true, however: if you make one friend on St. Albans, the entire community will look out for you.

Tracey Smith came from here - and ended up back here, when all was said and done.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • St. Albans is the name of several cities and religious martyrs.
  • It may be interesting to note that the band "The Zombies" was formed in another St. Albans and we could say that Tracey Smith was, in fact, some kind of a Zombie.

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