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Stitch Hessian was a one-time comrade of Jayne Cobb. The two of them carried out a raid on Higgins' Moon, but when their craft was tagged by anti-aircraft fire, Jayne pushed Stitch out; Stitch claimed that he would never have done the same thing. Stitch was captured by Boss Higgins' men and put into solitary confinement, until he was released when the crew of Serenity returned to Higgins' Moon. He then confronted and tried to kill Jayne, but after a man took a shot intended for Jayne, Hessian was instead killed himself when Jayne threw a knife into his chest and then attacked him.

Behind the scenesEdit

Stitch Hessian was portrayed by Kevin Gage. A correlation can be made to Snake Plissken (one eye, similar name) of the "Escape From" movie franchise. Hessian is a term used for German mercenaries. This links Stitch to a mercenary lifestyle, much like Jayne.


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