Gas giant or starEdit

Do we know for sure that Georgia is a gas giant. It could be one of the smaller stars in the system as shown on screen in the film Serenity.

I have not seen this discussed here yet, but the series never specifies how many stars are in the system. (A single star system, can in fact have multiple stars)

Anyway in the film there are two images showing planets in orbit. One shows the core planets and some other planets orbiting one star. The other image shows multiple planets orbiting five different stars all in a cluster tight enough to be considered one system.

I assumed based on the two images, that the first showed the central planets and some border planets orbiting the central star. Whereas the second image showed that same central star surrounded by the smaller stars, with four of them having their own planets.

This would make Georgia one of the four smaller stars, and the places in the "Georgia System" that were not called moons would be the planets around Georgia.

MJBurrage(TC) 14:13, 30 April 2008 (UTC)

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